The Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Shed is a Classic Design

The Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Shed - Strengths, weaknesses, where and when to use them.

The real strength of the Rubbermaid storage shed is in areas bound by the rules and regulations of a homeowner's association. If you live in one of these developments you may find yourself quickly getting frustrated over having no place to store your outdoor gardening equipment. Homeowner's associations often restrict the height of outdoor buildings and privacy fences and this makes it almost impossible to have a conventional storage shed in your yard.

Rubbermaid have developed their outdoor storage sheds to overcome this problem, giving you a place to store your items while staying well within the rules and regulations of your local byelaws.

I hope you enjoy my review of these sheds! However if you would like to read some very model specific reviews then scroll to the bottom of this page where other visitors to this site have written and submitted their own reviews on the strengths and weakness of these sheds.

Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed

This a range of 4 products that start with the basic horizontal shed, this model is 3'11" wide x 1'9" deep and 2'5" high which gives 18 cubic feet of storage. The shed is small enough that it can sit beneath a window ledge, allowing you to utilize space that you may never have used before. It is made of heavy duty, rot and UV-resistant plastic that is very durable. The color range is typically a steel grey with a darker grey lid or door configuration. It pretty much matches every house color imaginable, and probably a few I could never imagine as well!

There is also:

  • The split lid horizontal storage shed which is the same size as the shed described above but has the lid divided in two for ease of access.

  • The large horizontal storage shed which is well..... larger(!) with 32 cubic feet of storage.

All of these sheds perform well with the only negative review I have heard of the sliding lid shed. There have been reports of the sliding lid being vulnerable in high winds, so that may be something to consider.

Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed

The vertical storage sheds come in a variety of sizes from 17 cubic feet for the basic vertical storage shed (which looks a bit like a locker you would put your clothes in at the swimming pool) to the double deep modular vertical storage shed which contains 163 cubic feet (and looks like a very big plastic wardrobe!).

All models in the range are about 6 feet high and so are under the height of a privacy fence. The smaller vertical sheds are useful for storing a small number of the longer type garden tools (rakes, spades etc) and internal shelves can be added for smaller items. Whereas the largest vertical sheds can fit bikes and are large enough to walk in (you may have to stoop a little depending on how tall you are!)

Rubbermaid Storage Sheds Are Easy To Assemble

It commonly takes about five to ten minutes to assemble one of these smaller sheds once the parts are unpacked - and the only tool that is required is a screw driver. However, if you want your shed to be even more durable and stronger, consider using joint lock adhesive in the joint areas to simply reinforce these areas. There is a floor included with these outdoor storage sheds, so you want to make sure the area you are putting it in has a nice level surface. An outdoor patio surface is a good place to put one of these sheds, for example, and you can keep your summer barbecue tools handy inside it.

These outdoor storage sheds are great to store all of your outdoor equipment - such as lawn mowers, power washers, beach items, bicycles and more - I have also heard that folk use them indoors in their basement or even in an upstairs room where a little bit of extra storage is needed.

This versatility is one of the things that makes these storage sheds such a good value. Only your imagination stops you from utilizing your Rubbermaid outdoor storage shed for storage purposes beyond what the designers originally planned.

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