A Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed Could Be What You Need

The Rubbermaid horizontal storage shed might just fit the bill if you have a small garden attached to your house and you find yourself in need of extra storage. These sheds are designed to sit right up against a wall of your home and they take up little space while providing you with the additional storage area you need to store all of your gardening equipment or outdoor items, such as tools, bicycles or children's toys.

As with all Rubbermaid products, the Rubbermaid horizontal storage shed is maintenance free. Assemble it according to the instructions and put it in place and the most you will need to do with it is wipe it down when it gets dirty. It is advisable to invest in lock joint adhesive when you buy your shed and apply to the joints when assembling to help give your new shed more strength and make it more durable. After all, you will be in and out of your shed quite often through the summer months - and winter if you store winter yard items in it.

Whether you use your horizontal shed to store deck chairs or garden stuff, they are versatile storage units that allow you to keep your yard and home clean of clutter and gardening supplies that you do not want to get ruined from exposure to the elements under a tarpaulin.

The sheds come in four styles

  • The standard shed which measures 3'11" wide by 1'9" high by 2.5' deep.

  • There is the 'split lid' shed which measures the same as the standard Rubbermaid storage shed. This shed has two roof sections on it which hinge upwards, this is useful when you need to know exactly where the items you want are. You go to lift the door to get your things and close it without having to worry about anything possibly falling out of place when you open the door. As much as I try to remain organized there is always one tool in the shed that never stays where it is put!

  • The large Rubbermaid storage shed which measures 4'3" wide by 3'6" high by 2' deep. Even this shed is not too big to use as a storage closet upstairs in your home.

  • The 'slide lid' Rubbermaid storage shed has a door that slides in and out of position which allows you to easily access larger items such as bicycles, power washers, lawn mowers, and other garden tools. Just pull them out or push them back in and you are done.

What About Extras And Add Ons?

With the exception of the 'slide lid' shed, all of the Rubbermaid storage sheds come with the ability to add a single wooden shelf to them. The shelves are not included but can be purchased as extras. This shelf adds more versatility to the storage shed and is especially handy when you are keeping regular household tools organized, such as nails, hammers, screwdrivers and more.

As a matter of fact, if you happen to have a disorganized basement, you could use one of these Rubbermaid storage sheds in your basement or garage to keep everything organised. Imagine going from a messy basement to one where your tools are kept in one unit, household or outdoor cleaning supplies in another, bicycles in a third, and so on.

As you can see, the Rubbermaid horizontal storage shed is not your ordinary storage shed, and if you need extra room outside or even inside your home these may be the ones you should seriously consider investing in.

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