by Jesse Díaz
(Dallas, Texas)

Rubbermaid BIG MAX ULTRA next to smaller Rubbermaid shed

Rubbermaid BIG MAX ULTRA next to smaller Rubbermaid shed

I have been a fan of RUBBERMAID Products for as long as I can remember. From household storage containers, trash cans to sheds. So it was no surprise that when it came time to buy a large outdoor storage shed I chose the Rubbermaid Big Max Ultra.

I wanted a shed with plenty of room and the Big Max Ultra delivered. Inside its roomy 7'w x 10' 6"d x 7' 11" h are my family's Christmas storage containers (Rubbermaid, of course), 3 bikes and most of my yard and garden tools. I bought my shed about 3 years ago at my local Home Depot for around $600.00. The good folks at Home Depot helped me load the boxes onto my truck and my neighbor's son help me unload it at home. The Big Max Ultra was easy to assemble. It came with a complete set of step-by-step visual and written instructions.

Before assembling it, I did my homework and had cleared the space in my backyard and built a subfloor made of compressed 2x 4's. Once the subfloor was level the assembly began. With the help of my neighbor’s son we had it up in approximately 2.5 hours. The only tools that I needed included my screwdriver drill set, a rubber mallet, a couple of step-ladders, a circular saw and tape measure. I used the saw to cut the 2- 2 x 6 roof supporting beams.

The fact that the majority of the panels lock into each other is a thing of beauty. The panels fit snug and I have not experienced any leaks. And believe me, we get some good thunderstorms in Dallas! We also get plenty of sun and my Big Max Ultra has weathered that too.

This shed is very durable. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a functional, well built outdoor storage shed.

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by: Bill Whitmore

We just bought this shed and installed it this weekend. Do you have any idea how to get accessories to hang on the wall? Do you have pics of the inside to give me an idea of how to make accessories?
billwmore at gmail dot com

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Rubbermaid Big Max Jr., 6'9" W x 3'3"D x 7'6"H

by Kris
(Tennessee, USA)

Rubbermaid Big Max Jr. Shed

Rubbermaid Big Max Jr. Shed

I purchased a Rubbermaid Big Max Jr. storage shed at the Home Depot. It cost $439, which is a great value compared to other storage buildings and sheds of comparable size. It is 6' 9" wide by 3' 3" deep by 7' 6" in height. This is a great size to store most of our gardening equipment and seasonal items without taking up too much room on the patio.

It was lightweight and fairly easy to assemble. If you take your time it goes together nicely, don't rush it or the construction will be sloppy. The instructions included were clear and all parts were included. It does take 2 or 3 people to assemble it to hold various parts up while you attach them.

It took about 2 hours to assemble. It requires use of a rubber mallet, screwdriver, and step ladders, which are not included.

We did not encounter any major problems building the shed, except some pieces were hard to fit together without any gaps. The roof in particular was hard to get snapped on properly.

We use this shed to store various garden implements like the weed eater, leaf blower, rakes, shovels, bags of soil and fertilizer, etc.

The shed so far has performed great, there have been no leaks. It is sturdy despite being lightweight and seems to be quite durable. If I had one complaint, it is that I wish there was a shelf or loft along the top of the storage shed to allow for storage off the ground.

I would recommend this storage shed to anyone who is looking for a lightweight, durable, and affordable shed.

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Shipping charges??
by: Jim Diggins

I tried to purchase this at Home Depot as well but they want $190 to ship it (web purchase only).... did you run into this? Makes it cost prohibitive for me.

by: Anonymous

I would like to buy one at Home Depot but they are not available in the stores. The shipping cost is $208.00. Not worth it.

Rubbermaid Storage Sheds
by: Anonymous

Just to let you know, Lowes carries the Rubbermaid sheds. and they keep them in stock where I live. Delivery in South Carolina is $79.00.

Ours has a loft
by: Anonymous

I've had this shed for several years now and the one I have has a shelf-like bracket that allows you to install your own plywood loft inside. We love this little shed.

Willing to Sell?
by: Anonymous

Looking for this exact shed. Would you be willing to sell it?

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Rubbermaid BIG MAX 7' x 7' x 7.9'

by Theresa Danette Spawn
(Ashland, Oregon USA)

We bought this shed for 2 purposes: As extra storage space and to house my husband's scooter (it now houses a 250 motorcycle and a bicycle plus off-season decorations and other odds and ends). My son and I put it together and only needed help with the roof panels, and even then really just because I'm not exactly tall :) The instructions were very clear and all parts clearly labelled and the great thing is there are very few parts!

Despite not doing the greatest job of levelling the ground or putting much of a underlay (used an old piece of plastic tarp), this shed has withstood heavy rain and winds and ice storms and has been very solid. It is absolutely dry as a bone inside no matter what, and easily cleans by rinsing with water on the outside. The inside simply sweeps clean.

The 2 skylights are great and obviate the need for lighting except at night. For that we got one of those GE stand-alone unbreakable lights. My husband drives the bike into that shed nearly every day and the floor is tough as nails. And even if the bike isn't positioned quite right to shut the door all the way, we've never had a problem with rain getting in.

I have another (metal) shed that I had to build a base for and put together with a million screws and bolts and then had to use various sealant and silicone caulk. The plywood flooring has been a nightmare and is all warped and parts of the shed have rust and I have to clean the mildew every year. I wish I could afford to get rid of it and get another of the Rubbermaid Big Max! I love that shed. Shed is 7' x 7' x 7.9', with both doors open to 60". I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs functional storage that will last.

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Rubbermaid Big Max Jr. Shed, 7' x 7.5' x 3'

by Laura
(Buffalo, NY, USA)

The Rubbermaid Big max Jr shed

The Rubbermaid Big max Jr shed

Last summer my neighbour and I split the cost of the Rubbermaid Big Max Jr. shed. It came to about $550 at Home Depot, and the size is about 7 x 7.5 and 3 feet deep. It only took an hour and 45 minutes to put together with my neighbour, and most of the last 45 minutes was figuring out how to put on the roof. The directions are straightforward and the steps were illustrated. No parts were missing, but we needed a few extra tools than the directions specified. Some basic wrenches and screwdrivers were supplied, but we needed more expensive ones in order to actually get the parts of the floor together and to attach the hinges to the doors.

There are no shelves included in the shed, which was fine since we used it for tools like long shovels, bags of soil, our lawnmowers and a snowblower, which could all be kept on the floor. The advertisements claim that the shed never leaks, but it often lets water in from the top during heavy rain. This is probably because the roof does not come together correctly (despite following the directions, it is very difficult to line up the parts of the roof evenly upon the body of the shed; however, it might have been easier with more than two people). We ended up pinning some plastic material across the top, and checking each day to make sure it was still attached - that stopped the leaking, and it was probably worth it for the pretty low price. In winds, the doors blow open unless you get a very sturdy lock - we had to try a few different kinds, and they require some patience and drilling to attach them solidly to the tough doors.

The shed stays clean by itself - just hose it down once a summer - and doesn't have any other leaks or problems despite a stormy Buffalo winter. If you need a cheap shed for a few tools, this is a very good one. If you need a shed to keep a lot of items in, especially if you're away often or don't want to check for leaks a few times a week, you should pick something larger and sturdier.

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Very informative
by: Anonymous

You answered every question we had about this shed, and some we hadn't even thought of. I wish all reviews were this informative. Thanks.

replacement parts
by: Anonymous

does anyone know where i can get replacement parts for this shed? the shed is still in great shape, but the left side two pieces of the roof blew off and they are bowed. i can't fit them in now and am looking to replace them. thanks

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