Building a Shed - 10 Case Studies So That YOU Can Learn From Others Experience

When it comes to building a shed experience counts, though not perhaps in the way that you think. Listening to the pro's is all very well but they have probably forgotten more than the average shed builder will ever know.

So what are the mistakes that first time shed builders make?

We all make different blunders but by reading the experiences of a range of first time backyard shed builders you will get a sense of what you are in for. How to prepare, what to expect and a host of other tips that will save you time and money.

It's great to read about the theory in the shed books

But what really works is to hear about the personal experiences of others who have just been building their first shed. Learn from the mistakes of others who I have interviewed and written in to share what they learnt, whilst building their shed. The highs as they start to achieve, the lows as they realise that they have made a mistake then the joy as they find a solution and move on to the successful conclusion of their project.

Before we dive in to the detailed case studies

concrete block shed

It is important to cover all the bases of your shed project before you start. By reading this article you will have a great idea of what to do from the initial planning stages to the final coat of paint
Ten steps to a successful shed building project

Building a storage shed looked easy to Don Lemna

concrete block shed

The project started well enough with some great savings on the concrete shed base. Things started to get tricky though when it came to the siding.
Don's storage shed....

David Ford had a beautiful summerhouse

concrete block shed

Davids' only regret was that he had not built it himself. When he retired the first project on the list was to redress the balance, get his hands dirty and build a storage shed.
Davids retirement shed

Ian Burdon's Office Shed

man shed

Ian wanted a space to retreat from his family. The opportunity of early retirement gave him the chance to build his retreat at the bottom of the garden. This detailed report takes us from the very germ of an idea through to completion and Ians tips on heating.
Ian's man cave

Ian Douglas built his shed out of concrete blocks with a timber roof structure.

concrete block shed

This type of construction is not very common but this great series of pictures will give you a good idea of how the project went.
Ians masonry wall shed

Tim Brummett built a great looking gable shed.

gable shed

Take a look at at some of his initial plans and a super result.
Tims classic gable shed

Building a school storage shed

school storage shed

The school that Andrew Ross' daughter went to needed a new storage shed, but budgets were tight. Could Andrew build them a new storage shed for their tiny budget?
Find out more at the school storage shed

A cabin in the wilderness is a dream for some


The wide open spaces and the natural beauty. But what are the challenges for building a shed in the rugged Cascade mountains of Washington State.
Find out more about the Yonderosa shed.

What if building a shed from scratch is not for you?

croatian cabin

If you don't want to build your shed from scratch there is always the option of building a cabin from a kit of parts. There are a wide variety on the market but the Croatian Cabin is one of the best quality that I have come across.

Before you read the rest of the case studies at the bottom of this page

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A big thanks to all those who have written in so far

Great stuff.....without a doubt building a shed is a landmark in any diy career.

What have you learnt?

What would you tell someone about to start their first, second or more shed building project?

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