Shed door hardware

Good quality shed door hardware is the finishing touch to a well made shed. On the other hand, poor quality hardware can make it frustrating to use your shed, make it look unsightly and also easy to enter for potential intruders.

Researching the right ironmongery for your shed door can be quite time consuming so I have pulled together my best shed door hardware articles into one place so that you can quickly find out about the items that you need. And also stumble across really useful items that you perhaps didn't know existed.

Much shed hardware is mass produced and available from online hardware suppliers. I have a variety of harder to find shed door hardware and also make some unique designs in my workshop that would be suitable as a hardware gift, to help fund this site, so please take a look at my shed hardware store to see if you find any items of interest.

  1. Shed door hinges

  2. The best shed door locks

  3. Double shed doors

  4. Shed door latches

  5. Cabin hook

  6. Stop your shed door from sagging

  7. How to easily open your shed door All Year!

  8. Shed equipment anchor

  9. Shed door handles

  10. Shed security screws

  11. Sliding shed doors

How to choose shed door hinges

shed door hinge

Shed door hinges come in a huge range of styles, strap hinges are probably the most widely used. But there are a range of other types of hinge that can offer benefits including; butt hinges, parliament hinges and cranked hinges.

Key points:

I help you to choose between the different types of hinge so you get the type most appropriate for your door opening, in a range of materials from mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron hinges and also, believe it or not, plastic.

Selecting the right hinge for the weight of the door, from light weight through to heavy duty hinges so that you get the performance that you need. And finally having the correct finish, whether you prefer stainless steel or black powder coating, will make a big difference to the longevity and security of your shed door.

Click here to learn about types of shed door hinges

Shed door locks - to improve the security of your shed

shed door lock

Choosing the right shed door lock is an essential part of of the security of your shed and also how easy it is for you to get access to the contents and lock it afterwards.

Barrel bolts, also known as a Brenton bolt, combined with a padlock are the simplest form of shed lock. There are much more secure forms of locking mechanism that provide an internal deadbolt lock with a flush finish on the outside. The old fashioned rim locks are now outdated and the long throw type lock, also used on gates, is now the best option.

In addition to the various types of lock there is the shed door bar, which is a steel bar that fits across the door and is bolted to the door frame.

Click here to find out more about the best shed door locks

Double door shed hardware

double shed doors

Double door shed hardware is slightly different than for a single door. Double doors are arranged in a 'Master and Slave' relationship. Getting the hardware isn't difficult but it needs a bit of planning and understanding to get the full benefit of having both doors opening without compromising on security.

Click here to find out more about securing double shed doors

Shed door latches - for keeping the door shut

shed door latch

If you are working in and around your shed you may want to keep the door shut without the bother of locking it all the time. In this case a door latch will do the job.

There is a big range of shed door latches from simple steel powder coated steel to nifty oak latches.

Click here to find out more about shed door latches

Cabin hooks - for keeping the shed door open

cabin hook

Cabin hooks are an often overlooked item of shed door hardware. They are often fitted as an afterthought to keep the shed door in an open position, even when it is windy.

Doing a bit of research on cabin hooks will help you to select a cabin of hook made of a durable material, of the right length for the geometry of your door and also ensure that you have the right fixings.

Click here to find the right cabin hook for your shed door.

Shed door braces - for adjusting a sagging shed door

shed door brace

Over time shed doors can sag and become difficult to open. This is often because of a lack of bracing. This article will show you how to see if the problem is due to shed door sagging and how to resolve the problem

Click here to find out how to stop your shed door from sagging

Shed door keep - Open your shed door easily all year round

shed door keep

Do you find that your shed door sticks in winter and opens fine in the summer? If so it could that the shed door keep that came with the door bolt is of too tight a tolerance.

This 'All Year' keep has an enlarge opening so that the bolt can accommodate some movement of the shed door or frame.

The result is that you don't have to struggle to open the shed door.

Click here to find out how to easily open your shed door - All Year!

Shed equipment anchor - Lock your equipment to the shed frame

shed equipment anchor

Not strictly a piece of shed door hardware, this bit of ironmongery is really handy to secure pieces of equipment such as bicycles or lawnmowers in a wooden shed.

Using a metal chain or steel cable through this anchor point makes it difficult for intruders to make off with large items should they get into your shed.

Click here to find how to secure equipment in your shed with a shed equipment anchor

Shed door handles

shed equipment anchor

Shed door handles can be separate or combined with the door locking mechanism. Separate barn door pulls fix in to the shed frame whereas T handles and D handles are incorporated into the lock.

Click here to find out about the best shed door handles.

Shed security screws

shed equipment anchor

Standard wood screws are good for securing some items of shed hardware. However where the components are on the outside of the shed and are important for security it is possible to greatly improve the security of your shed by using some of this variety of bolts and screws. Dome head square neck bolts are really helpful and there are a variety of different security screws to deter potential intruders. Some can only be undone using unusual screwdriver bits others are designed not to ever be undone.

The type of screw that you use will be dependent on where you live and what you use your shed for.

Click here to find out about the best shed security screws

Sliding shed door hardware

sliding shed door

Sliding shed doors are used where there is limited space to accommodate the swing of a hinged door. Sliding door hardware involves the use of barn door hangers to support the door and also track systems to guide the door. Single track systems are used where the door is only hung from above and often are used for internal doors. Whereas floor guides are also required for external sliding doors to give extra security.

Click here to find out about sliding shed door hardware

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