How the right shed hardware can make your shed stronger, more secure, weathertight and all round better

I use a lot of shed hardware in the work I do repairing sheds. I work for 50 to 100 clients each year repairing and upgrading garden buildings of all types.

I hammer in a lot of nails, tighten a lot of screws and install a lot of other types of metalwork.

I get a pretty good idea of what shed hardware works and what doesn't.

A lot of hardware is commonly available at local or large online hardware stores. But some problems are quite specific to shed construction and the parts needed can be hard to find.

So I have put together a range of shed-specific products that will help you to keep your shed secure and weathertight.

In the spirit of traditional hardware stores, I have described how each of the products work, what the components are and tips on how to install them.

All you need to do is add them to the cart and when you have got enough, checkout.

All Year Shed Door Keep

£8.50 (UK Only)

shed door keep The All Year Shed Door Keep makes it easy to lock your shed door, All Year round

Shed Equipment Anchor

£11.95 (UK Only)

shed equipment anchor The Shed Equipment Anchor provides a secure anchor point and fixings inside your shed for bikes and garden equipment

One Way Shed Security Screws

£8.50 (UK Only)

shed security screw 30 No. 40mm long x 5mm dia. One-way wood screws

One Way Shed Security Screws make it very difficult for intruders to remove shed door hinges

Eyebolt shed door brace

£12.50 (UK Only)

shed door brace kit The Eyebolt shed door brace kit will stop your shed door sagging

Lashing strap shed door brace

£12.50 (UK Only)

shed door brace kit The Lashing strap shed door brace kit will correct a sagging shed door

Oak - Shed door Turnbutton


shed turnbutton Oak shed door turnbutton with stainless steel fixing

Oak - Sliding door latch


shed turnbutton Oak sliding door latch

Oak - Lifting door latch


shed turnbutton Oak lifting door latch

If you have any items of shed hardware that are proving difficult to source let me know. I may already be able to find them for you or suggest an alternative.

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