Shed accessories to make your shed even better

There are a variety of shed accessories that may not come equipped as standard but after installing them and using them you may start to consider them essentials!

Some accessories, like windows and skylights, you order with your shed as it is better to have the shed set up on your foundation with these items factory installed. While you can add them later, you run into the problem of voiding any possible warranty that your shed may have come with. Plus, if you do not get the skylight or the windows properly sealed, you're setting yourself up for draughts, heat loss, and rain or snow getting inside.

Other shed accessories - such as work benches, shelving, and water barrels, can all be added by you when your shed is in place and the time is right.

External Shed Accessories

What kind of accessories can you get for a shed? The options, really, are limitless. How you use your shed will determine what type of items you decide to put in it. Stop and think about the way you are going to use your shed and then consider the following accessory options. Whether your shed is big or small, it can be organized and very easily.

Shed ramp - If you are using your shed to store items that will be wheeled in and out of it, a shed ramp will make things considerably e asier for you. You will not have to try and lift a heavy item, for example a four wheel ATV, over the shed door lip if there is one, hurting or straining your back. Shed ramps also help keep your shed floor clean from mud and other debris, and it provides you with a more even walking surface when approaching your shed, especially if it is located in an area of the garden that is not as level as it could be.

Shed ramps - Shed ramps can be made out of metal, timber or wood. They each have their own advantages. This article will help you to decide which material is the best for your shed.

Moving a storage shed - Not strictly an accessory, more of a service. It is possible to move your shed as part of a garden remodelling, for reasons of convenience or even if you love your shed so much you want to take it with you when you move house!!

Water barrel - Conservative minded folk appreciate the use of rainwater to water their plants and flowers and water barrels connected to a simple gutter attached to the side or roof of your shed can help you make your garden a little greener. Your water barrel doesn't have to be humungous, but big enough to capture some rainwater that can be used later on instead of running up your water bill. They can also save your shed from deterioration from water damage.

Until recently most shed builders would adapt traditional plastic house guttering to collect and direct rainwater into their water collection barrels. This method often required a bit of skill and Diy experience to fix. A new invention the Halls Rainsaver has recently been developed to make fixing shed guttering quick and easy. Read this article to find out how it could ease the process of fixing gutters to your shed.

Internal Shed Accessories

Small woodburning stove - It can get pretty chilly in a shed at certain times of the year and installing some form of heating can be esssential if you are going to spend any length of time out there. This article reviews a woodburning stove installed by a visitor to this site.

Garage dehumidifier - Sheds, garages and other unheated storage spaces can develop problems with the items stored becoming damp, mildew covered or rusty. A dehumidifier is a potential route to follow to solve this problem. However there are several types of dehumidifier and you need to get one that will dry out unheated spaces without icing up.

Shed skylight - not all sheds require being attached to the main electric source of your home, especially if the shed is primarily for storing items. If you do want a little extra light in your shed without worrying about the expense of running all new electrical lines, consider ordering your new shed from the manufacturer with a skylight already installed. A skylight provides natural lighting without adding any extra heat, or cold, to your shed and it will help save on electric while still allowing you see the items you need.

Solar shed light - Another green option, solar shed lights provide you with lighting that is powered by electricity built up in a solar panel that is collected from the sun. The solar shed lights are powered by using leisure batteries similar to those found in caravans and holiday homes or in lead-acid batteries, such as Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries commonly seen in remote control vehicles. All of these batteries run for a long time on a short charge.

Shed Organizer - Shed organizers can range from work benches to full blown office furniture depending on how you use your shed. From simple shelving to portable hand carts, the options here are pretty much limitless.

Shed alarm - Another one of those items that you would not immediately associate with a garden shed, shed alarms are designed to protect your shed contents. They can be as simple as a simple siren when a window or door is breached improperly to full blown closed circuit television cameras. What you need to protect in your shed will determine the level of alarm you use.

Shed lighting ideas - Shed lighting is a great way to make your shed feel more welcoming and homey. Whether you want lights for inside the space, or ideas about how best use outside light in order find it when walking up at night time-we've got everything covered here!

From simple solutions like solar lights and string light strands (which are both easy enough even if this isn't exactly DIY territory), these shed lighting ideas can help you create an inviting atmosphere no matter what time of day it might happen to be - but especially during those months where daylight doesn't come much.

Shed accessories make a difference

Shed accessories keep your shed neat and organized, which can be a big deal when you're trying to beat the rain while planting or weeding your garden, or when you're trying to get your equipment inside. There is no need to have a messy garden shed, and with the right organizing accessories your shed becomes a functional work and storage space.

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