Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed 3746-AT-OLVSS

by Terry

front of shed with hole

front of shed with hole

I own the Rubbermaid® Vertical Storage Shed (3746-AT-OLVSS). I purchased this handy shed about 5 years ago from a local hardware store for about $250 and it was money well spent. The shed has a 60 foot storage capacity. The outside dimensions are 4’7” W x 3’1” D x 6’ H. The interior dimensions are 4’1” W x 2’ 7” D x 5’7”H. It was very easy to assemble and no tools were necessary; it all just snapped together. You do need more than one person to put it together because it does get a little burdensome trying to snap in the next part if somebody is not holding it still.

The instructions were easy to follow but I do not think I even used them. It just makes sense putting it together because it is well designed.

I have the shed on top of my deck and it comes in handy for storage of patio cushions, and my outdoor BBQ serving platters and utensils and whatever other junk I have laying around outside. It is very convenient to use and the size does not take up too much space on my deck.

I do have a few criticisms about the shed. It does get brittle especially in the winter and it has developed a hole in the front from trying to close it. The way the shed closes is a bit of a pain and I have since installed a slide latch to the top because I found that in high winds (I live by the ocean) it would pop open unless I put a padlock on it. Because I am notorious for losing keys to these type of locks I found it more easy to add the latch.

The other criticism I have about the shed is that it has small holes on the back for the purpose of putting in shelves. I do not use the second set of shelves because the patio cushions I store in there are piled very high in the shed and would not fit if I had the shelf in there. As a result, I get wasp nests in there as you can see in the picture. I have tried to block these holes on numerous occasions but they always get in.

The shed is lightweight so I am able to move it around to clean around it. It power washes very easily to clean any dirt that builds-up on it, making it look as good as new.

Overall I am very satisfied with this shed and I would recommend it to others.

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Rubbermaid Large Vertical storage shed 52 cu ft.

by Joey
(Orlando FL)

Great for indoor and outdoor use!

Great for indoor and outdoor use!

This Rubbermaid storage shed was a great purchase for a quick fix. Just needed a little extra storage space that was able to be sheltered from the elements and I found it affordably in an excellent Rubbermaid large vertical storage shed model # FG374601OLVSS. Large enough at 77” (52 cubit ft.)to hold and manage exactly what I need, yet not overly intrusive for the limited space that I have for it.

The panels that make up the frame and inter workings of the shed itself are all interlocking, which made it extremely easy to put together. Just snap everything into place, including the shelves, and it was up and running, the whole thing took maybe 20 minutes or so. With the actual construction being as simple as it was, the instructions were minimal at best, and requires no real explanation at all. Just lock the panels into place, it really was that simple!

Being that the interlocking system is built in, the only parts really needed were the panels and shelves themselves, all of which were included in the box. The only tool I used was a hammer, but I suppose you could also use a mallet preferably a rubber one, which is not included.

I put the entire thing together myself, and am proud to say after 3 years it still does not leak, requires NO maintenance whatsoever, and being a Rubbermaid product, doesn’t rust or peel! This shed was exactly what I needed for exactly the right price. I purchased it at Lowes, for somewhere around $320.00, and let me tell you, for the durability and hassle free quality, you can’t get a better deal.

The only problem that I have encountered is a little color fading due to sunlight exposure, but in reality, if that’s the only problem I’ve got after 3 years, then I’m one satisfied customer. On another note, I don’t recommend overloading the shelves, while they are extremely durable, if you want to make the most out of this product, use it the way it was meant to be used.

Good luck with your storage search!

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