The 5 Day Practical Shed Building Course

I hope that you will join me on this FREE 5 part course.

There is so much information on this site, over 400 pages at the last count. It can sometimes be difficult to get to grips with the whole sequence and practicalities of building a shed.

To help you come to terms with a project of this size, this short course (it is delivered via email over 5 days) takes you through the whole shed building process step by step.

shed building course

The advantages of taking part in a short course like this is that you won't miss out any of the steps and you will quickly find out about all aspects of building a shed. It is important that you find out about the whole project as mistakes that you make at the start of a project (which in hindsight are obvious....grrr) can cost you money and time.

Avoiding mistakes can be as simple as regularly checking the verticality and squareness of the shed. Correcting a mistake can cost you a day or more in lost time. Or having to buy replacement components.

Of course I can't guarantee that taking this course will eliminate all of your errors. But I hope that it will make your shed building project more enjoyable.

This course isn't a sales pitch

At the end I do have a link to join my FREE Monthly Newsletter. But then that is free too!

My main purpose for developing this course is to firstly to help visitors get more out of the huge amount of content that is already available on this site.

Also I hope that you will contact me to tell me when you find I haven't explained something too well, if I have made a mistake ;-o or even if you find my grammar a bit confusing. The whole thing is about a process of continuous improvement to make this site better and easier to use.

On that note here is the form to add your details. Once you have completed the form you will receive the 5 course emails (one per day for the next 5 days) and that is it.

I don't share your email address with anyone, or use it for any other purpose than the delivery of this one course.

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I look forward to helping you with your shed building project and also to your valuable feedback. ;-)


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