A Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed Could Solve Your Storage Problems

The Rubbermaid vertical storage shed is the perfect size for small spaces when extra storage is needed. If you are looking for a place to store a variety of equipment but simply do not have the room for a large building type storage shed, then you may want to investigate these vertical outdoor storage sheds.

These sheds are available through many outlets online. Vertical storage sheds can also be used as easily indoors as they can be used outside


The tallest in the vertical shed range is 6' high, which allows you to even assemble one in a room in your home or garage. As a matter of fact, it can take longer to unpack the shed pieces than it does putting it together. While the description does contain the word 'shed' indicating outdoor use, these are actually very versatile storage units that can be used anywhere in and around your home for whatever you need to store.
Only your imagination is the limit.

What sizes are the different models of Rubbermaid vertical storage sheds?

The standard shed is 5'7" high by 2'2" wide by 1'7" deep.
The large storage shed measures 5'11" high by 3'11" wide by 2'1" deep.

There are two modular models for storing larger items:

The standard modular shed stands 6' high by 5' wide by 2'6" deep
The double modular shed is 6' high by 5' wide by 5'5" deep.

Securing the doors

These storage sheds have two doors which can be locked. The lock is not supplied with the shed (ie you must provide the lock), but that allows you to choose the type of lock you want to use. There are no windows as these vertical storage sheds as they are designed solely for storage and saving space. I have heard of people who use Rubbermaid vertical storage sheds on the small balconies of their apartments to store items such as telescopes for stargazing or even their Christmas trees and decorations. You do not have to use them solely for gardening tools like rakes and shovels or other household tools such as hammers and nails.


Each of these storage sheds comes with slots so that you can add shelves to them. Some of them have been reported to come with two shelves, but most of them do not have the shelves included. However, Rubbermaid does give you the shelving dimensions if you wish to make your own wooden shelvesfor your shed. This could be an advantage, because if you use your Rubbermaid vertical storage shed in the home - for example, you use it to store craft supplies - you can make your own shelves and then finish them in something like contact paper in order to avoid getting splinters.


When you use one of these sheds outside you will find that they are leak proof, will not dent, and are weather resistant. If you live in an area where the weather can get violent, it is advisable to anchor these vertical storage sheds to a wall or down to the ground to stop them from being blown over. Additionally, use joint lock adhesive in the joints when assembling it to help give the shed some extra strength and durability.

There is no doubt that a Rubbermaid vertical storage shed offers you the perfect way to store your items safely and keep them from being ruined by the elements. They are easy to assemble, provide you with a good amount of space, and are rugged - made with the same Rubbermaid care as all of the companies other products.

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