Selecting the Right Garden Shed Hinges

When faced with the task of replacing seized or rusted garden shed hinges don't just look for a 'quick fix' that may only last a few months. Instead find out the features of a shed hinge that will give you a reliable, long-lasting solution that won't just seize up or become rusty in double quick time.

garden shed hinge Galvanised and painted garden shed hinges look similar but there's quite a difference

Let's delve into the nitty-gritty details of shed T hinges to find out the critical things to look for when making your selection.

Cheap garden shed hinges

Often lower priced hinges look the same size and shape as other hinges and you might be tempted to consider using them for your shed door. However, they are only suitable for indoor use where they aren't exposed to the elements.

garden shed hinge A typical black painted garden shed hinge

Lower-quality hinges are made of thinner steel with a basic painted finish and often suffer problems such as rust and deformation.

Cheap shed hinges are typically only 1.5mm thick, while this may look sufficient when you pick them up, in use outside on your shed door it drastically reduces the hinge's durability and robustness.

For optimal stability and strength, it's recommended that the horizontal element, attached to the door be at least half the door's width. Often sheds supplied by large chain stores are supplied with hinges that fall short of this requirement. These sheds are built in large quantities to be sold at a rock-bottom price, so any method the supplier can find to save costs is used.

The surface finish of the hinge is another critical point to consider. The cheapest hinges come with a basic black painted finish. Although visually pleasing initially, such a finish offers minimal protection against rust and corrosion, especially when exposed to the elements or high-moisture environments.

garden shed hinge A badly corroded garden shed hinge

In summary the short strap length, thin metal contributes to instability and the likelihood of the door sagging or the hinge bending over time.

Quality garden shed hinges

So, what separates an external quality Shed T hinge from its inferior counterparts?

A quick answer: standards of construction.

Quality shed hinges are made of thicker metal, the steel plate used in their manufacture being at least 2.5mm. This added thickness significantly increases the hinge's strength and durability, reducing the potential for deformation and breakage.

An optimal hinge also features an adequately long strap.

The strap length should be greater than, or equal to, half the door width. This feature offers substantial support to the door and prevents it from sagging, which drastically improves overall stability. A door fitted with an appropriately-sized hinge moves smoothly, enhancing the ease of operation.

garden shed hinge Replacement galvanised garden shed hinge

Next up is the finish used on external quality hinges.

Forget the basic painted coating; what you need is a hinge with a hot-dip galvanised finish. This process imparts resilience and a high degree of protection against rust and corrosion, especially under harsh weather conditions.

Don't settle for hinges that are described simply as 'zinc plated'.

The protective thickness of zinc for hot-dip galvanised products is 5-10 times greater. So, zinc plated hinges aren't really up to long term external use.

Aside from durability, the hot-dip galvanised finish also scores well on the aesthetic scale. In my view the rugged grey colour adds an appealing touch, enhancing the look of any shed. Not only does it impart corrosion resistance, but it also harmonises with a variety of shed styles, eliminating the need for coordinating your hinge and shed paint colour.


What is the hinge pin made from?

For low quality hinges destined for internal use a steel pin is used. In fairly short order this will rust, the hinge will become stiff, before seizing altogether. Hinges destined for outdoor use have a brass pin that is very corrosion resistant.


So, are you ready to put your knowledge to good use and buy a top-notch garden shed hinge? When it comes to investing in hinges that offer robustness, longevity, and exceptional corrosion protection, our own brand of quality shed hinges checks all these boxes.

garden shed hinge Pair of our galvanised garden shed hinges (350mm long)

Product details:

  1. The garden shed hinges are made from 2.5mm thick steel with a hot-dip galvanised finish.
  2. The strap element is 350mm long, so the hinge is suitable for shed doors up to 750mm wide.
  3. The shed hinge pin is made from corrosion resistant brass.

garden shed hinge We also offer a 3-pack of our galvanised garden shed hinges (350mm long)

In summary our garden shed hinges offer a hassle-free replacement, that will serve you for years.

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