How Dryboot Shed Bearer Supports will Defend Your Shed from Damp

Shed bearers, are an almost invisible piece of infrastructure that literally support the whole weight of your shed. They have the job of keeping your shed stable and resilient by transmitting the weight of the building into the foundation.

shed door hinges Dryboot shed bearer supports, protecting bearers on new shed build

But are we truly giving shed bearers the care and attention they deserve?

Probably not. It may come as a shock that correctly installed shed bearers can actually increase your shed's lifespan by an astounding 50%! Yes, you read that right, 50%! So, it is high time we cast our gaze downwards and placed them in the spotlight they so rightfully deserve.

How, you might ask?

Through introducing a very simple yet revolutionary solution: DryBoot shed bearer supports. These ingenious little fellas offer extraordinary protection against a wooden bearer's worst enemy - damp. And who wouldn't want their sturdy shed to stay strong and reliable for longer? Follow me beyond this introduction and into the details of how this game changer can not only extend the life of your bearers but could also redefine your shed's longevity and resilience. Dive in!

shed door hinges The Dryboot shed bearer support

The problem

Shed bearers are the interface between the shed floor and the ground.

Many shed suppliers show their sheds being installed with the bearers supported directly on a concrete or paving slab base.

The problem here is that when it rains and the water pools on the base the bearers will remain damp for a long period of time. Either due to the base being not quite level or the ground below being damp.

This leads to decay of the bearers, them becoming soft and lose their ability to support load ; the floor of the shed then starts to squeak and lose its ability to support the shed superstructure. Ultimately the whole structure of the shed is affected.

shed door hinges The effect of damp on shed bearers. The ends become very decayed and so the walls and floor lose support

The solution

A solution to delay this onset of decay is to introduce a water proof spacer beneath the timber bearers. This spacer is impervious to water and also lifts the bearer off the ground by a minimum of 20mm. This has two principal benefits:

  1. It cuts off the supply of water to the wooden bearer. So that even if the underlying concrete is damp it has relatively little effect on the wood

  2. As it lifts the bearer off the ground by minimum of 20m this allows airflow around the timber bearer which allows the wood to dry out should it get wet

shed door hinges The Dryboot in action. Providing a clear air gap between the bearer and the ground. And protection against damp at support locations

What are DryBoot shed bearer supports?

DryBoot bearer supports are a purpose designed Shed Bearer support. They are made from recycled plastic that is impervious to water so it acts as a damp-proof course. They are approximately 150mm Square on plan and lift the shed bearer a minimum of 20mm off the ground.

The bearer supports are installed between the bearer and concrete foundation on a grid of 0.6m. They separate the bearer from the damp concrete and have a variety of packers and shims that allow the bearer to be levelled so that the shed floor is installed perfectly horizontal.

How to install DryBoot shed bearer supports

DryBoot shed bearer supports are simple to install

They comprise four different parts:

  1. The top cradle section. This has for upright posts that ensure the bearer is aligned on the centre of the Dryboot

  2. The bottom section that is in contact with the ground. This interlocks with the top cradle. It is made of a rubbery plastic to conform to the slightly rough concrete.

  3. An intermediate spacer. These are made of plastic and fit between the top cradle and the bottom section. The spacers increase the height of the supports by 10mm so that a sloping concrete base or base that is slightly out of level can be accommodated

  4. Plastic shims. These allow fine adjustment of the support system in 2mm increments. The spacers are circular and fit on top of the top cradle section beneath the bearer. They are held in place by the four uprights on the top of the cradle.

shed door hinges Detail of Dryboot in action. Showing all four components

To install the DryBoot shed bearer supports one support is installed at each end of the bearer and at a maximum of 0.6m (2') spacing in between. The bearers themselves are typically installed underneath each side wall of the shed and at a maximum of 0.6m between the edge bearers.

To get a bearer support level, check the foundation for level using a spirit level. If the foundation is perfectly level install bearer supports comprising just the top cradle section and bottom section at a maximum of 0.6m spacings along the length of the bearer.

If the foundation slopes slightly install a support comprising a top cradle section and bottom section at the top of the slope. Then use the spirit level to work out the number of intermediate spacers and shims needed at the other end of the bearer to make the bearer level. Then insert the appropriate combination of DryBoot supports at maximum 0.6m centres along the length to give a nice even support to the bearer.

shed door hinges Dryboot being used for shed re-furbishment project

Where can I get DryBoot bearer supports and how many do I need?

The bearer supports should be installed on a grid of 0.6m. So for a shed 2.4 x1.8m 20 would be required

Just in case you were wondering, DryBoot bearer supports are available to buy directly from this site.

shed door hinges Dryboot supporting bearers with shed floor constructed in-situ on to bearers

shed door hinges Dryboot supporting bearers with shed floor placed directly on top of bearers

What next for your shed construction?

You're now privy to the remarkable benefits the DryBoot shed bearer supports offer and how they can prolong the life of your shed bearers and ultimately your shed. They aren't merely an addition to your shed's structure, but a lifeline to its longevity.

Your shed deserves the support, and you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing you've done your very best against the ravages of dampness and decay.

So, what's your next move? Browse through the selection on our sales page and decide what selection of DryBoot components you need for your project.

Dryboot - Shed Bearer Protector

£2.50 (UK Only)

dryboot shed bearer protector 1 No. Dryboot - Includes Base, Cap and 4No 2mm shims

Dryboot - 10mm packer

£1.00 (UK Only)

dryboot shed bearer protector packer 10mm packer enables the Dryboot to be used on larger gradients than where the base slopes 10mm or more every 60cm

At secrets-of-shed-building knowledge is power; power that we've been compiling for years we don't stop at just bearer supports, we've got a gold mine of enlightening guides and top tips on shed construction and maintenance. Let's make your shed the best it can be - together.

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