What is the best foundation for a small shed?

by Sharon

What is the best foundation for a small wooden shed?


Hi Sharon,
Thanks for your question. It depends a bit upon the use you have for your shed and the 'look in your garden. For a small shed the purpose of the foundation is to keep the base of the shed dry and prevent moisture from the ground entering the shed rather than any great load bearing capacity as the loads are so small in building terms.

If the shed is to be sited on a patio it most likely does not need a foundation. If it is to be sited on bare ground then the easiest is the timber foundation followed by the paving slab foundation which heavier to construct but probably more durable.

A new option ideal for small sheds is the plastic shed base.

A concrete shed base is probably over the top for this type of shed.

Theres a few options for you there all of which will do the job.

Which sounds most appealing to you?


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