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A few shed links to help you on your way there's so much well.... stuff on the internet its difficult to know where to start. I have selected a few sites that I really like on Sheds (of course!), Gardens and DIY.

I hope that you find them useful.
This is a classic site about garden sheds. Run by Uncle Wilco, the organiser of the UK's National Shed Week and Shed of The Year competition, you are encouraged to 'share your shed'. When you have finished your shed build remember to take a photo of the outside and inside of the shed for it to be entered in next years Shed of the Year competition. The competition is open to international entrants for the first time in 2009 - so go on 'show us your shed'.
This site run by the journalist and writer, Alex Johnson, is updated daily with shed news and comment. Alex collates the information from his wide contacts and has many stunning pictures of sheds of all types, styles and uses. Shedworking also focuses on the needs of those running businesses from their sheds.
At times it can be difficult to spot the difference between a shed and a 'Tiny House'. If anything I would say that Tiny Houses are a little more refined than the average shed. Either way I am sure you will enjoy a visit to Michael Janzens site he has a great view on life as well as shed building!
This site is a great resource for anyone planning a green shed roof. Selecting drought resistant plants is important for creating a beautiful and low maintenance green roof shed.
Renate Hering-Shepherd has a first class honours degree from the Chelsea College of Art and Design. She is now creating a great site which may be of use when it comes around to decorating your shed. I have suggested a joint venture site ""; however it may take a while for me to convince Renate that this is a good idea!
If you are looking for a quick guide to show you how to do any thing from lifting floor boards to joining copper pipes then DIY Extra is the place for you. It contains hundreds of high quality DIY Guides and Articles on a huge range of subjects, give them a visit to find out just how good these handy guides are.

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