Building a Duramax Storage Shed - Three Mistakes I Made And How You Can Avoid Them

If I was to give you the directions to my house from your town 20 miles away I would give you the best route I could. It wouldn't be just the most direct route. I would try to steer you away from any dead ends or traffic blackspots where I knew that you could get held up by traffic queues.

I gave a pretty comprehensive description of how to build a duramax storage shed in this article, however I forgot to tell you about some of the mistakes I made building it along the way.

By avoiding these mistakes you will save valuable time

Three biggest mistakes I made were:

  • Not having enough help whilst building the first wall of the shed
  • Bolting the roof trusses together so that they faced the wrong way
  • Hanging the door on the wrong side and upside down

All of these mistakes were easily avoidable and I will expand a bit further on each so that you clearly know the route to avoid them.

It was a blustery day when I started building the shed

I had some great help from my 5 year old daughter but the structure is very vulnerable when building the first two walls. The walls are like sheets of paper standing up in the wind and her arms were not long enough to hold them securely by the top.

To avoid this problem make sure that you have an adult helper until you have finished the wall construction. If the wind had caught the plastic cladding panels it could easily have cracked one of them or bent one of the metal base channels.

The roof construction is very detailed

I didn't appreciate how detailed the roof construction was at the start. I pre-built the triangular assemblies that form the gable ends of the shed, lifted them into position and bolted them in to the vertical columns before I noticed my mistake. The foot of the top channels should have been pointing inwards not outwards. I had to take off the top channel by undoing three bolts whilst standing on a chair and turn the channel around so that it was pointing in the right direction.

Pre-assembling the component didn't save me time. Following the steps of the construction manual as they are laid out works best. Having the drawings and the components before you at the same time will help to minimise the errors that you make like this.

The final step of building the Duramax storage shed was to hang the doors

The Duramax storage shed doors hang really easily is just a matter of lining up the socket of the hinge with the spigot that is fixed to the door post. I did it easily...and then the door would not close properly. If I had forced it I could have bent the metal on the hinge and this would have damaged the final shed.

To avoid this problem just watch out for the stickers that are on the door frame (as they are on every component). The stickers clearly indicate which door is the left one and which is the right one. There are even marks to indicate which way is up!!

All of the components have stickers on to identify the parts code name that is used in the construction manual. I also noticed that this code name is stamped into the metal of each part as well just in case the sticker is washed off or blown away.

I hope that these short mistakes help you to avoid a trip down a blind alley.

The instruction as to how to put the Duramax storage shed together were some of the best that I have seen but even the best directions can be improved with a bit of local knowledge of incidents that can go awry along the way.

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