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My Yardmaster Roof is Different
by: Magicniner

I have a 3m x 5m Yardmaster Garage which has 3 internal cross-bracing, triangulating, roof braces.
It's weathered every storm and withstood the heaviest snows over the past 15 years.

The structure which failed has no cross braces to stop the walls spreading when the roof was loaded, it was not fit for purpose.

yardmaster shed
by: boab

similar to arrow metal shed I have the yardmaster 8x10

instructions and assembly are a bit iffy

I am a mechanical engineer but still decided to go for a budget metal shed to fulfil my needs in the garden

assembly is a bit of a faff
the reason is probably down to storage costs to flatpack into 2 compact boxes for delivery and interchangeable parts that bring down production costs.

in an ideal world the beams could be the correct length to save on measuring and fitting extra bolts and screws.

it is very difficult to NOT strip some screws in the beams meaning to upsize the screw diameter

pre punched panels not the best at lining up holes especially when you have overlapping beams which the thickness of the beams mean overlapping cant line holes exactly therefore some drilling is required.

once erected the wall panels bear the weight of the roof and it holds its rigity well but I am going to systematically going to place a few more strengthening bars on each corner and upgrade a few roof screws with 5mm nuts and bolts as a really strong gust could rip out the barely acceptable screws from the thin beams.

I planned it out before assembly by marking each beam and panel with location and number for easy reference as the instruction book will have you flipping pages to see whats what all the time.

it is what it is, a budget metal shed just needing a few tweaks to satisfy me and is actually good value for money when built.

its not very secure, you could push the doors in easily or break the plastic handle so you need to fit extra brackets or hasps to make a bit more secure.

one last note, cant believe some people employ folk and spend more in labour to erect this shed (more than its worth to buy) this shed is labour intensive and took me 10 hours to build and had to get a lift on with the roof by the wife.

so therefore its for the diy,er and a false economy for someone who needs to hire someone to build it.

yardmaster shed
by: Anonymous

Hi I have also the same shed and mine has collapsed also from the snow yardmaster also only offered me £90 replacement roof which I refused as they it is due to extreme weather dont know what to do now about it as the shed cost nearly £500 and was only 2 monthe old when it happened . any suggestions would be appreciated

Yardmaster 13' x 12'
by: Greg Black

Hi yardmaster have been out and had a look at the shed, they have offered a roof replacement kit for free if I paid the £20.00 carraige, this I have done so it is a good result in the end.
Now I know that the roof wil not support more than a few inches of snow I will attempt to clear it if it happens again. I would have done this normally but I was away fo rchristmas and it happened on boxing day . I should have the new roof early next week.
Cheerio greg

They make a roof reinforcement kit
by: Anonymous

I have one of those sheds I believe its 10'x12'. Heres the probelm I have with them. Once you start building you must finish or the wind may damage it. that being said, you do not find out until you start assembling the roof that you need to add the reinforcement kit at that point (nice that they tell you about it once it is too late to get it or add it) this kit must be ordered as the stores do not carry them. Oh well guess its too late now. The kit if I remember right is $300 for a few extra beams. It says this is recommended if you live in an area that gets snow. I have had mine for 2 winters now and I clean the snow off it with a roof rake if it has more than an inch on it. No problems as of yet. Even with the kit I would recommend keeping snow off it to be safe. So save the money and clean it off after it snows.

Harsh Weather and Sheds
by: Ron Young

Forget about investing your money a car port, a canopy, a metal shed, a plastic shed or a soft sided building that will be damaged during harsh winter months. What you really need is 4 solid walls, secure doors and windows and a good strong roof system over your vehicle, farm equipment, workshop area or tools. You need a building that will last and provide you with many years of service.

Ron Young

Atlantic Shed
East Taunton, Massachusetts

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