Wooden Tool Shed - The Top Features To Plan For

A wooden tool shed can be purely for added storage, or can serve as a woodworking shop with all of the amenities of an in-home workshop. A tool shed can be as small as a cabinet or as large as a small garage. The best, most useful workshop sheds have the following features and amenities.

1) Double Doors:

You need to be able to bring in large pieces of wood with which to work. Additionally, wood-working tools can require a large opening for moving in. On nice days, you will want to open the doors to let in the breeze.

2) A tool storage area:

Composed of drawers, hooks and cabinets. Each type of tool needs a different storage location. A nice touch for drawers and cabinets is a metal label holder with the capability to let you change the labels as you change the contents.

Long-handled tools need hooks up high - high enough that the tool can be stored and retrieved properly. (Tool storage note-always store long-handled tools with the working implement down, that way if you drop it when retrieving it, you will not hit your head.)

3) Electrical hookups:

For those intending to use their wooden tool shed as a woodworking shed, electrical hookups are a must. Outlets near the workbench and near the space for working with large materials are important. The fewer drop cords needed, the safer the workspace will be.

4) Ventilation system:

Sanding, planing, routing and finishing woodworking projects generates fumes and dust that need to be removed from the area.

5) A system of interchangeable shelves

A nice touch, because your storage needs will change over time and a good shelving systen will help keep you organised in a small space. A good system is 'track shelving', this comprises two or more vertical metal tracks fixed to the wall, these have slots to support brackets which in turn support the shelves. The vertical position of the brackets can be changed to suit the size of items you have to store.

6) Wooden Garden tool sheds can be half-shed/ half-cold frame.

This type of half storage shed, half greenhouse shed (often called a potting shed) allows gardeners to start seedlings within easy reach of their tools, labels and potting benches.

7) Constructed from durable or treated timber

One feature of wooden tool sheds that should not be overlooked is the type or treatment of the wood from which the shed is constructed. For the shed to last a long time, the cladding and components likely to get or stay damp should be made of decay-resistant wood this can be pressure treated lumber or a durable timber such as cedar heartwood. Additionally, a coat of paint or wood stain will protect the shed longer.

8) Bolted construction

For ease of replacement due to wear or to move the structure to a new location the major components of a wooden storage shed should be assembled with bolts not nails. This way, a wooden tool shed can be enjoyed for many years without the need for full replacement.

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