Which plastic base is best?

by Claudia

Hello John, I will be putting together a 6' x 8' shed (Eightbisix Shack Up) and have seen your info on plastic bases which I really like the idea of. There are two types and I'm not sure which would be best - the ECOBASE system laid with an additional 0.5 metre of base round the sides and filled with gravel or the HAWLOCK system laid at the same size of the shed. The base will be laid directly on top of the soil.

Many thanks!


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Plastic Shed Base Comparison
by: John - Admin

Hi Claudia,
Thanks for your question. I have yet to do a detailed point for point comparison of the two systems. A comparison a la Which Report would be a great idea for Shed Building Monthly, remember to sign up to make sure that you get it when it comes out!

I think that both systems have very similar characteristics. Hawklok was the first product out, the innovator whereas Ecobase came out later once the market was more established.

The purpose of having the pea shingle gravel all around the base is to reduce splash back from rain coming on to the ground and making the base of the base of the shed wet. This splashing is one of the ultimate reasons why sheds eventually fall down as the base becomes rotten.

It is possible to use the pea shingle with the Hawklok system just as it is possible to cut the EcoBase system to be flush with the side of the shed. So I think without a more detailed analysis that I would use the one that is most convenient or cheapest to buy.

Let me know how you get on with your shed base construction.

John - Admin

Ecobase system
by: Claudia

The shed finally went up yesterday on top of the ECOBASE plastic base and it seems to have worked very well. It was extremely simple to put down and looks very neat and tidy.

Thanks for your help!

by: Kizi love

very useful article for me, thank you for sharing

Will it sink?
by: Annabelle

I am looking to put a shed 10x12ft ontop of the Hawlok base, my builder has suggested it might sink but the shed supplier says they have installed same elsewhere, I want to avoid concrete but am now worried, can anyone advise?

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