Storage Shed Designs - Creating The Wow Factor!

Unique storage shed designs make a statement about you because like your home, your backyard storage shed is always on view for the entire neighbourhood to see. Whilst you have to think practically about your shed and make sure you have enough storage space, the right sized door and essential elements of practicality, there's also a lot you can do with your shed design to give it some individual flair.

Here are some storage shed design ideas to give your shed the wow factor!

Go unique with your roof

Apex roofs are most commonly used in storage shed designs, mainly because they increase the height and are the simplest way to add extra storage space inside. Yet a gambrel style roof also allows for extra headroom and gives your shed a unique, “country” style design.

Other styles to consider are the flat roofed 'pent' style, salt box and 'hipped' roof. So when it comes to your roof selection there is a lot more than just the standard gable shed to go for!

Dress the windows

If you don't have a huge budget for your new shed, dressing the windows is one of the cheapest ways to add a bit of flair to your design. All you need are some shutters and window boxes, where you can plant beautiful displays of seasonal flowers to keep your shed bursting with colour for many months of the year.

Create an entertainment zone

So of course you're probably looking at your shed as a way to increase your storage space. But don't let your imagination stop there. How about creating a storage shed design with a porch and decked veranda, where you could set up some cozy recliners and have a beer or a cocktail after work during the summer months? Or you could add a garden swing to the decked area for a unique chill out zone.

Designing a new shed for your garden is a perfect way to create the outdoor entertaining space you've always dreamed of. You could even build your own pizza oven or built in BBQ, with a bar area to one side.

Add a guest bedroom

Transforming your storage shed into an extra guest bedroom or garden office is becoming increasingly popular... plus it's a great way to add value to your home. When you're planning your storage shed design, there are a number of things you'll need to bear in mind if you want to create an extra living space - insulation, comfort and durability. There's no point putting a spare bed inside a tiny plastic shed!

You'll also need to make sure you're not breaking any local planning rules - so do your research before you build.

Wood or vinyl cladding really are the best bet for creating a guest annex and you'll need to connect to the mains for heating and electricity. You may also want to consider adding plumbing for a small toilet and sink. You can still also use the shed for storage by adding cupboards and a small room atthe back for your garden tools and DIY equipment.

Make a unique architectural statement

Storage shed designs have come on leaps and bounds over the past decade. People no longer stick to the typical apex wooden shed, exiled to the corner of the garden simply to store a few garden tools. Sheds are increasingly becoming an extension of the home, as an exterior building to enjoy more of an outdoor lifestyle.

Buying a new shed is a great time to make a unique artchitectural statement for your garden. Research on this site for shed designs that you like and if you have some extra cash find a designer to create a bespoke shed for your garden. You could create an eco shed, with extremely modern features inside and go all out to help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. Or you may want a glass fronted building to double up as storage and an entertaining space. It all depends on budget, but if you've got the imagination you'll be able to create a storage shed design that's sure to give your garden the wow factor.

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