Storage Shed Windows - Which Window Shape Will It Be Today?

It is the early 1970s, you are aged 5 and the big question of the day is;

Which shaped window are we going to look through?

Children's television in the 1970s wasn't too exciting. However one of the highlights of the day was a program called Play School and just before the daily story, children were presented with the cliff-hanger. Which shaped window were they going to look through before story time?

  • - Would it be the round window?
  • - Would it be the square window?
  • - Or even... could it possibly be the arched window?

As I said life wasn't too exciting in those days however the range of window shapes has expanded a little.

There are at least 6 different shapes of storage shed windows that you could use

Smaller shed windows come in four main shapes;

Octagonal, square, sunburst and transom.

Larger shed windows come in two main shapes rectangular and arched. Arched windows are manufactured specifically but can also be formed by combining a rectangular and sunburst shaped window.

Careful selection of the size and shape of the six different shapes and large and small storage shed windows can really add a lot to the character and utility of your shed.

The primary purpose of windows is to let light into the shed interior. Some windows do just this function whereas others also open to allow better air circulation.

The smaller storage shed windows do not open and are there purely to allow in light

The Octagonal, square and sunburst windows look good placed over a door or high up in a gable wall. They allow light in to the inside of the shed and add architectural interest to what is otherwise a plain boring surface.

These types of window range in size from about 12"x12" to 18"x18". Being small and non-opening they do not cause any security concerns.

Transom windows are generally non opening too

Transom windows are used in end and side walls. Transom windows and can be used to good effect in doors too. This type of window is generally about 10" high and can range in length from 10" to 60" long so there is a fair amount of variation there!

The good thing about transom shed windows is that they are generally non-opening and placed higher than eye level. They are therefore good for security as potential thieves cannot easily look through them and getting in through them (as they do not open) presents some difficulty.

As storage shed windows get bigger they seem to get less interesting in shape

Larger windows are generally rectangular in shape and range in size from 14x21 to 30x36. Despite being only available in one shape these windows do open to allow ventilation.

There are two common ways that ventilation is achieved. The most common way for shed windows to open is with a vertically sliding sash type of movement. Generally the top pane of the sash is fixed in this type of window and the lower pane can be slid up and down to allow air into the shed. This type of window also can incorporate a bug screen to keep the nasty little critters out of your shed.

An alternative to the vertical sliding mechanism is the crank out shed window. These come in a variety of sizes from 18"x23" to 24"x27". The windows have two or three panes that are hinged at the top. The benefit of this is that the window can be left open even when it is raining. This type of window is particularly useful for sheds and outbuildings where animals live such as chicken coops.

Did I say that as storage shed windows get bigger they get less interesting in shape?

Well only if you don't use your imagination. You can of course use combinations of larger and smaller windows. By combining a sunburst window and a rectangular window it is possible to create a nice looking arched window for example.

In Play School my favorite shaped window was always the arched window

The arched window never came up any more often than the square or round windows but I thought that the stories were always better.

What is your favourite shape window?

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