Storage Shed Addition

by Paul A. Buechler
(Bonham, Texas)

I have a gambrel roof storage shed, 12' x 18'. I want to add a sloping sidekick additional storage area to one side of the shed, about 18' x 21' (flat roof). Part of the addition will be enclosed and part will be an unenclosed carport. What is the best way to intersect with the gambrel roof? I need to attach high enough to provide a slope for the flat roof addition.

Most additions of this type that I have seen are tied into a wall that is high enough to provide slope with room for flashing on the high end. In my case, the flat roof would be attached half way up the gambrel roof.

These sidekick images would not give enough height on the low side:

My barn is similar to these:

Thanks for your help.


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Follow up on original plan
by: Paul

Thanks, John for your comments.

I think you're right that my original plan would look unusual. I've decided to make the sidekick
only about 10 ft. wide which would give me enough slope beginning at the fascia board of the shed so that the finished addition would be similar to those pictured in the link mentioned in my original description. This way I would not have to cut into the gambrel roof of the shed.

I will then decide on a separate carport.

Thanks, again, for your help.


Leant to Shed Addition
by: John - Admin

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your question. If I understand the question correctly the existing shed viewed from the front is 12’ wide and the proposed shed is 21’ wide. The proposed lean-to will be much larger than the existing shed. Normally small lean-tos are added to barns to take advantage of the existing structure and to save some money. In this case with the new structure being so much bigger than the existing one I think that any attempt to link the two at roof level could look a bit unusual.

Without a more detailed knowledge of the whole layout and proposed use I would be tempted to make the central section the car port. The side of the car port could be supported off the existing wall by some posts coming up but the roof would not be connected and would oversail the wall to give shelter to the open central section., but no flashing would be required here. A gutter would be required to channel away the water coming off the existing roof.

If you send me a sketch I could comment further.

All the best


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