Should I Fix my shed to the Ground?

by Craig
(Wolverhampton UK)

Hi there. I just bought a shed which requires self-construction. All appears ok and I have prepared a slab base for it, with sufficient extra surface area and on top of a suppressing membrane and then sharp sand.

My question is, as it doesn't state so in the instructions. Should the shed be fixed down? Or does the sheer weight of the shed and then it's contents prevent it from moving? As far as I know, it won't be in a particularly windy area but I don't want to wake up one morning and it's moved... or blown over.

If so what is the best way to fix it down, please? Directly through the floor or with some form of a bracket on the outside, maybe on each corner??


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Fixing a shed to the ground
by: John

Hi Craig,

Thanks for your question. There is no specific requirement in the UK to anchor sheds (buildings less than 100 sg.ft) to the ground. And I see that you are based in Wolverhampton so as you say, 'not particularly windy'. It would mainly be exposed coastal locations where specifically tying down the shed would be recommended.

Having said that you do not mention the form of your shed. Most timber sheds are reasonably heavy in proportion to their size and once full of ‘stuff’ do not normally move. However lighter weight sheds such as metal or plastic sheds that are do not have much in side them could be moved even if you aren’t in a coastal location.

I hope that this helps. If you are still concerned about wind loads and the type of shed tie down systems that you could consider then have a read of the answer to this readers question from the U.S.

All the best


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