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by Bruce

I was looking for a video that shows the construction of a basic shed, or maybe a 10X10 or maybe a 10X8 that was maybe on dvd or streaming video that wasn't played as time laspe video. Watching it at high speed tells me nothing. I don't mind sitting down and watching a full length construction video as long as its filmed properly and has all the appropiate angles covered so I can see how its done.

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About Tommy Walsh
by: Bruce

I went to youtube but in that series it only had the last one. I never found the others.
I did a search to see if it had been put on DVD but so far no luck

Tommy Walsh!!!
by: GreenBoy

Off the top of my head i would suggest lookingo for Tommy Walsh Ultimate Workshop on YouTube.

Its not totaly detailed but does show some usefull tips on how certain things shold be done. The original TV show was 5 one hour programmes - and still causes a lot of debate on forums today - mainly over is Tommy a complete cowboy or not?

I guess you are realy looking for something that gives you some plans as well as a step by step guide.... need to think on this one... maybe worth asking at some other forums that deal with DIY etc... and report back if you find anything..

If you could settle for a book then i would suggest Building a Shed from the Building like a pro series. Its by an American guy called Jo Truini and is pretty good.

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