shed foundation: concrete 'feet' plus timber

by Trevor

Hi Mr. Coupe, I will be building a shed in my backyard this year to use as a workshop. I would like to build a structure probably at least 10x12', although I take possession of my new house on June 15th and will be better able to plan once I'm there.

I work as an exploration geologist and I frequently work in the bush in 'camps'. The structures in these camps are built relatively quickly but they are very sturdy and often very large.

The technique used for the foundation is almost always the same and very simple: many small concrete pads, (I would call them 'feet') 12x12" or 16x16", something around that size - these pads are arranged in a grid with a good amount of space between each one. 6x6 timbers are laid across these pads the shorter way.

2x4's are laid with the 2" side down along the timber and make up the frame of the floor. Plywood is laid on top and this is the actual floor of the building.

This is very similar to the construction you have described on your site, the difference being that instead of concrete pads being laid out to fill the whole bottom, only a few are used to form a grid.

What are the disadvantages to this method? It would be slightly cheaper because fewer concrete pads are used. However that is not a serious cost in the end.

You recommend a poured slab or posts for sheds larger than 8x6' but these buildings I work in are frequently very large, like 14x30' and have rudimentary foundations but they do last years. Is there something I am missing? Would I be remiss building a shed 10x12' in this style in my backyard?

Thanks for your wonderful site! It is very well done and very informative, I guarantee whichever method I choose this site will have helped me plenty.


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