Shed Conversion ?

by Nick
(United Kingdom)

I have a 6'x8' Apex Shed which I have now outgrown. The main reason is that I don't have any garage space and everything ends up in the shed. I have already expanded the base and I am a dab hand at slabbing now but I am after a little advice on how I can extend.

I am not the best carpenter in the world but I have time and patience to get things right. My stumbling block is what to do with the roof.
Basically the apex is facing the front of the shed i.e. ^ .

I am going to extend out sideways which means I will either have to turn the roof round 90 degrees or convert to a pent roof.
Do you have any suggestions ? The finished size will probably be in the region of 16'x6'.

Regards Nick

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Modifying a shed
by: John - Admin

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your question, it sounds like a great project!

From what I understand, the roof at the moment spans side to side in the 8' direction. Also you wish to have an open area 6'x16', the logical direction to span is always the short direction. The difference between a beam or truss spanning 6' and 16' is very large.

So your assumption about changing the roof span is correct. The roof can be either a pent roof, easily acheived with 4x2 timbers at up to 600 centres (dependant on what roof sheathing you use) and assuming that you are using a standard felted roof. Alternatively you could use a pitched roof with some small home-made trusses at say 6' centres with purlins spanning between.

Not a great deal in cost difference between the two but the second option could give you a bit more headroom inside, depending on local height restrictions etc.

I hope this is of some use it would be great to see some photos of the job as it progresses. Let me know if you need any more help.

All the best


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