Shed Base for sloping site

by David

Do you have any design tips for building a shed base on a sloping site? My shed is to be either 10x16 or 12x16 - with the larger dimension running up the slope. The slope is such that the lower end is approx 2'6" different to the top.

Access to the site is not easy and therefore I am looking for an alternative to a concrete base.

I am thinking of something along the lines of a raised deck but am concerned with the loadings.

My plan is to use the shed as a combined storage shed and workshop, so potentially there could be some point loads - shelving and a workbench etc.

Any tips gratefully received.



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12x16 Shed floor
by: Anonymous


Nice Question Dave. Going to tell you how I would get it done.

My floor specs are:
3-4X4 Treated runners to start off. Then 2X6 treated floor joist nailed 12" on center. We would cut the 17 boards at 141" and space the 4x4s evenly under the shed to support the load. I offer another 4X4 as an additional option, but structurally it is not necessary. Pair of 2X6X16's will be your outer band boards-lay them out 12" oc. and cut them at 16' as lumber usually comes slightly longer. Square and straight-line it and nail the joist to the runners.

Some how you will need to get that site dug in to get your front height down as I assume this is where the doors will be.
Lastly top it all off with your floor decking. At least 1/2 inch.

Good luck


Building a Shed on a Slope
by: Anonymous

Hi Dave,

Looking at your question I think that the pier type of foundation is what you are looking for. Building piers from standard 215 x 450 x 100mm concrete blocks to form supports 450 x 450 for your floor timbers. The piers would be founded at say 400mm below ground level so that you are out of the frost zone (dependant on what the ground is like where you are you could reduce this). This article on shed pier foundations and this one on building a shed on a slope may also help.

If you know where the point loads are to be try to make sure that they coincide with a floor joist location. Otherwise use 18mm ply with joists at say 400mm centres. This should be OK unless you are anticipating very high point loads.



PS Douglas thanks for your floor construction tips too.

Thank You
by: Anonymous

Doug and John - thank you for your comments - and for the pages on this dificult design solution.

I am sure i will have lots more questions, but this gives me a head start,

Thank you.

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