Shed Art is the seed of an idea.

Shed Art starts with a problem; you have spent weeks or months building your shed, it is something useful, possibly quite beautiful and then when your shed is completed it just sits there at the bottom of the garden - abandoned!!

Shed Art allows you to have an artist sympathetically illustrate your completed shed bringing out its essential character and then allows you to bring it into your house, so that you and your family can appreciate what you have achieved over the last months. If you want you can also make the Shed Art into notelets, a coffee mug, a T-shirt the list is endless....

Why not just take a photograph of the shed?

Photographs of a shed can work really well but given the size of the project they can get lost in the surroundings. Have you ever heard of Artists Licence - well it isn't something that you buy at the post office. It is the artist's prerogative to adjust and bring out the nature and character of what they are painting. Shed Art can help your family understand and appreciate just what you have been working on for the last few weeks/months.

This is the start of Shed Art - Meet our shed artist

Eddie Potts is an accomplished artist living and working in the North of England. He specialises in Painting buildings and scenery in a variety of materials take a look at the pictures below to get an idea of what he has completed in previous years.


After I had a chat with Eddie the other day he created this image of an ageing Cumbrian sheep shed. I like it I hope that you do too!

shed in pen and ink

Does living thousands of miles away mean that a site visit for Eddie to create a work of art of your shed is out of the question?

Eddie is accustomed to working from photographs and client instructions to achieve outstanding results.

You now have two options;

Firstly; Leave a comment in the box at the bottom of the page tell me what you think of the idea of Shed Art.What do you think of the idea of shed Art?

Secondly; if you would like to know more about commissioning an artwork of your shed then drop me a line. An A4 pen and ink sketch similar to the one above starts at £60 ($100) and larger and more complex styles can be completed to your specification.

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