Rusty Tin Shed - Montgomery Ward

by Jim
((Atlanta, GA, USA))

My old rusty tin shed has lasted for many years and still going strong. It was purchased at Montgomery Ward for $39.99. That was a steal of a deal to the consumer. The model number is 2975866, luckily it was marked just inside of the sliding door.

This shed's dimensions are 6 feet by 8 feet and is somewhat roomy once you poke your head inside. Thinking back when this shed was constructed, I remember it taking all day and the instruction manual was roughly sixty pages long. It took for ever to dredge through each page one by one, it was a very long process that still puts a strain in my mind just thinking about piecing it together. There was a box of tin sheets and a bag of nuts and bolts that came with it, there wasn't any missing parts.

The project took all day and into the evening. It was my dad and me who tackled this monster, we pretty much had all the tools needed, they were basic tools. A wrench, phillips screw driver, hammer, and maybe a flathead screwdriver.

It was tough reading the instruction manual because the print was so small and there was such extensive wording that most of the manual was overly worded by a mile.

Doing this task with my dad really caused him to persist on finishing because we were doing it together and even though it was a huge pain to read the manual, he just had to finish. The overall task was a problem but we bought it and we were going to complete it if happened to take a week, we were going to finish.

The shed serves as a storage shed, there are tools, paint cans, a few Christmas decorations, and a few other junky things, and surprisingly this thing has performed satisfactory, and it does not leak. Which is a great thing for how old it is, there are a couple dents and crinkles on one or two of the sides but thats okay.

The only problem with it now is the sliding doors, they don't really slide anymore. They have to be picked up and moved with pure force, which is extremely loud and obnoxious. Also, the doors are starting to fall off the hinges, they are falling kind of inward so the best thing to do is to put a pad lock on them from falling in. Other than that, it works like a charm.

In my personal experiences, I would not recommend this shed to anyone, not ever. It's too old and outdated, there are newer and better ones out there these days.

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Sliding Door Hardware
by: Anonymous

I recently bought a home with this type of shed. Just curious, have you ever tried to replace the hardware for the sliding action on the doors? Most of the pieces on mine are disintegrated, so the shed doors not only don't slide, but also fall off the rails and into the shed. Any help for where I could find replacement parts?

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