How the 'Pocket Guide to Sheds' influences the cult of Sheddism

pocket guide to sheds

The Dead Sea Scrolls were first discovered in a series of caves near Qumran on the North West shore of the Dead Sea in 1947. The discovery of these texts enabled biblical scholars to have a greater understanding of the historical development and context of the bible.

The Pocket Guide To Sheds continues where the original shed classic 'Men And Sheds' left off.

I don't know where the text for the Pocket Guide to Sheds was discovered

The text for the Pocket Guide To Sheds may have been discovered on the window ledge of a barn, covered in cobwebs and mouse droppings in the year of our Lord 2011. Authorship of these texts has been attributed to Gordon Thorburn, widely known as the father of Sheddism.

The text may be of a similar importance to followers of the cult of sheddism as an earlier work by Thorburn, entitled - Men and Sheds. Men and Sheds set the scene on how a small section of society, mainly male, were taking time out of mainstream society and indulging in arcane interests in small, often timber buildings.

The Pocket Guide To Sheds delves much more deeply into the cult of Sheddism and reveals that this sect is more widely spread in society than previously thought. It is not just men who indulge their darkest passions, hobbies and businesses within these spaces, women have a need for their own shed space too!

As well as not just being limited to the male sex. Members of the Sheddici are found to be spread over a much wider area than just the Northern part of England.

The cult of sheddism is also found to exist outside of the British Isles

Earlier historic texts had focused on the cult of sheddism within these small islands off the coast of Northern Europe. However it is revealed that human nature is far more universal and this latest text shows that there are members of the Sheddici cult on at least three of the world's continents (Europe, North America and Australasia).

These are not people who have indulged in this one of their primary needs by just visiting their local 'big box' diy store for a bit of cheap storage. The structures that enclose these rugged individuals' passions have been crafted from whatever materials are to hand, with the greatest skill and care. Examples of Sheddici structures include yurts in Alaska, half boat sheds, sheds with chandeliers and Botticelli inspired artwork. The cultural range is huge and seems to be adapted to the prevailing local or regional environment.

The sheds are not just described with Thorburns' eclectic prose. There are pictures too, however these do seem to have suffered an aging process.

The state of the photographs in this book add to its credibility

The text of the Dead Sea Scrolls was written in Iron Gall ink. This ink was found to fade quickly when the parchment was removed from their linen wrappings. A similar phenomenon seems to have occurred with the Pocket Guide to Sheds. Pictures once in glorious technicolour have faded to the tones of black and grey. However despite this, the authenticity of the stories within this important text shines through.

The Dead Sea Scrolls needed extensive academic interpretation

You won't need too much help to decipher this writing. The stories and examples will amuse and inspire despite being written in a semi-mystical style. Don't be put off by this, it is this style that has earned Gordon Thorburn his position of high priest of this cult. The writing has reportedly inspired several other sub-sects such as National Shed Week (an annual event) and Shedworking (a daily inspirational script) and indeed the author of this site.

You wont find too much of practical use in this book

There are no measurements, no specifications. There is however a big source of inspiration and investigation into just what it means if you are about to take that first step towards realising a long held ambition to build a shed.

If someone you know and love needs that push to commit (or be committed) to a shed building project. Or you need to understand why they are not alone, but part of a larger consciousness with a long history, then this book is for you.

Once you or a loved one makes the step towards shed life you won't look back. Will some archaeologist discover your 'man cave' in future years and realise that you were part of a wider cult? I guess that depends whether you leave your copy of this book in the shed or in the house.

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