Plastic shed base availability in the U.S.?

by Debbi
(Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

I enjoyed your articles on shed foundations, & got excited about the EcoBase--only to discover no information about its availability in the U.S. Shucks!

Is there any place in the U.S. to obtain it directly, or any product similar to it? This is just for a small 7'x 5' polyethylene shed. I just took down an 8'x6' rotted wood shed that's been sitting there for >20 years (so the ground should be well-compacted)--the foundation appeared to be just heavy 4x4's on plain dirt. I'm a 5' petite female, & I'd like to be able to complete this project quickly & easily myself, without the hassle of heavy slabs or concrete!

Do I NEED anything besides gravel inside a sturdy frame of 4x4's?

Thanks for your informative website.

- Debbi

p.s. - This is a 7'x5' Lifetime shed, model 60014. They recommend a patio foundation or concrete floor. Ugh.

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