Panelized wooden shed or Plastic/ Resin shed? How about foundation?

by Mish

Hello, I've been thinking to put a small shed (about 50 sq ft) in the backyard for extra storage. I have never built a shed before. Initially, I was going to buy a resin shed because it seems to be easier to assemble. Then I came across a panelized wooden shed with a working window. I asked the seller and it seems like the panelized wooden shed is as easy to assemble with all the hardware/ instructions included. But I'm still a little hesitant. My main questions about a wooden/ resin shed are as follows:

1. Is a panelized wooden shed more durable?
2. Which kind of shed is easier to assemble?
3. Does it have more work to maintain a wooden shed?

Also, my next question is about the foundation. I have watched some Youtube videos about building the foundation for the shed. But those are all yards with grass. However, my small backyard has a concrete floor. So do I actually need a foundation?

If yes, do I do it the same way as if I have a grass yard?

Again, thank you for your advice! I hope I can make the right choice with all your help!

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wooden shed vs Plastic shed
by: John - Admin

Hi Mish,
Thank you for your question. Taking them one at a time:

1. Is panelized wooden shed more durable?

As with most things this varies on the location and climate. In a cool damp climate a wooden shed if not built and maintained correctly can be subject to damp and rot. However a plastic shed may become brittle when exposed to extended heat and sunlight. I would say that in general a wooden shed does have the edge, as it is repairable and more resistant to impact from such things as lawnmowers and stray baseballs!

2. Which kind of shed is easier to assemble?
Once again this depends on the specific design. Some of the Rubbermaid sheds are just clip together but other brands use bolts to connect the panels. Most panelised wooden sheds that I am familiar with would use bolts but not a large number and it not something that many people have issues with

The type of shed that visitors to this site do have issues with are the thin metal sheds where there are hundreds of small bolts involved.

3. Does it have more work to maintain a wooden shed?
A wooden shed may require a coat of stain every 5 years. I would tend to stay away from paint as this does require a bit more extensive preparation. A plastic shed does not need to be repainted and may just need the occasional wash down. However if a plastic shed is damaged it can be difficult to obtain replacement panels.

Finally, if you have a concrete back yard this should be fine for most small sheds. One thing that is worth checking dependant on where you live is the susceptibility of the area to high winds. Check with the supplier as to how you are to hold the shed down, dependant on the thickness of the concrete this may be as simple as bolting through the base. Once again this depends on exactly how the base is constructed.

Let me know how you get on and it would be great to see your shed review on this site.

Best Regards


Decision made-- Resin/ Plastic Shed... but which brand?
by: Mish

Thanks for your detailed reply! After consideration, I've decided on purchasing a plastic/ resin. It seems like this kind of shed is sturdy with minimum maintainence. My backyard is surrounded by other houses so it is not very windy. So I'd think that a resin shed sitting on the concrete floor should work.

Now I just have to decide which brand of shed to purchase. I have seen pretty much all brands at the local stores. I found that Keter shed & Suncast Sheds seem to be of the same quality. However Keter shed is cheaper. Then Rubbermaid shed seems to be a little bit more sturdy with a similar price tag as Keter shed. But I don't quite like the look of it and there seems to be not much light inside the shed. Among all of these sheds I've seen, it seems to me that Lifetime shed is the most sturdy (esp. the walls) with a small opening window. However it is also the most expensive. So I still haven't made up my mind of which shed I should buy. Any suggestions about these sheds are welcome!

And I'll update/ review if I finally decided on a shed. Thanks!

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