Hut security advice from a hampshire police officer

by (TB) but Ron Smith for the advice.
(Hampshire Police)

John, Following break-ins at a beach hut site that I am involved in we, received these tips from the local Police. The main points are below but I include a link to the main article on my site.

1.Use steel weld mesh fixed to the frame between the outer skin and the inner lining to prevent intruders.

2.To prevent intruders starting fires do not leave space between the ground and the underside of the hut.

3.Use fire retardant material and paints in construction and maintenance.

4.Take additional measures to secure the doors and windows (several tips here)

5.Utilize a small verandah at the front that can be hinged up to partially cover the door.

6.Use alarms.

7.Consider starting a beach hut watch.

Via Tim Baber, editor msbnews

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