Garden Shed Plans: Ten Things Every Shed Plan Should Include

Garden shed plans are available from a variety of sources. For beginners, it is important to purchase sheds that have complete start-to-finish instructions. Whatever the source of the shed plans, there are certain elements that the plans must contain in order to provide ease of construction for the shed builder.

Before purchasing a plan, there are various steps to go through to determine the size and style of shed that you really need. To help with this process I have prepared a list of key points below.

1) List of materials.

Including: the number and size of each piece of wood or metal, approximate number and sizes of nails, screws, bolts and other hardware, and any details or accessories such as windows, electrical conduit or a ramp.

2) Step-by-step instructions for construction of each part of the shed.

Instructions for constructing doors, walls, floors, and any details should be easy to understand. Instructions for building the shed's foundation are also a must for shed instructions.

3) Easy-to-interpret diagrams of construction steps.

Words are great, but a picture is worth a thousand words, if the picture is readable by someone other than a structural engineer.

4) List of tools.

If the shed plan calls for detailing, the proper router bit should be specified. If the builder is expected to cut many materials, the proper saws, clamps and supports should be listed.

5) Instructions for measuring and cutting wood pieces.

For most sheds, you will not be able to purchase pre-cut wood for a custom shed plan. A good shed plan will tell you the number of standard sized pieces to purchase, and will include instructions about how to cut the pieces to use your materials most efficiently.

6) A contact for project support!

Even the most handy of carpenters can get halfway through a project and get stuck. Custom shed plans, especially, should include an email address for help in a pinch.

7) Instructions for building interior details.

A potting shed is not complete without potting benches. The potting shed plan should include instructions for constructing shelves and benches that will fit the shed dimensions.

8) Instructions about customizing or modifying the garden shed plans.

A shed plan that is designed with a single-door opening should include instructions for modifying to a double-door opening. Optional instructions for window installations or details are also important.

9) A list of tips and tricks for success.

Garden shed plan tips can include how to build a level floor, how to measure your site properly so that you do not end up needing to cut down a tree halfway through construction, or steps for assembly.

Last, but not least.....

10) shed plans need to include instructions for building a roof.

A list of roofing materials needed and options for roofing materials are great.

All garden shed plans do not contain every single component listed above; however, the plans that contain a majority of the items listed will provide the builder with the best chance of success!

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