A Beautiful Garden Shed Photo Is Worth A Thousand Words, Take Your Time To Browse A Wide Range Of Shed Styles.

I take a garden shed photo whenever I spot an interesting shed, whether I am walking, cycling or just out and about. I love the variety of styles of construction and the way that the similar questions of storage or out side space can be answered in so many different ways.

When you are researching the type of shed that you want to build, I really recommend that you carry a camera around with you. Taking pictures of the shed and also lots of close up shots of all the constructional will help greatly when it comes to creating your own shed plans.

Details to record include how the cladding works at corners, windows and doors, the floor and roof structure. Connections and junctions are one area that causes most difficulty so pay particular attention to these.

garden shedCreative use of an old boat to make a beach garden shed.
garden shedLarge and expensive shed. Oakframe with softwood wall studs and roof. This will be beautiful.
garden shedBungalow style shed. Lovely warm brick and well kept paint-work.
garden shedShepherds hut on Ashdown Forest, East Sussex

garden shedGreat wood shed using natural features of the timber to form the structure.
garden shedFinely crafted tree house in the New Forest, Hampshire
garden shedAnother wood shed, this time using scaled down timber framed barn style.
garden shedA simple, well made shed. I like the door and window quality on this one.
garden shedTired old shed with character. I don't know how the near corner of the shed has settled about 12 inches without cracking more of the window panes.
garden shedI love the use of recycled windows on this shed.

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