Framing a Gambrel Roof Shed

by Bruce
(Toms River,N.J.)

I am building a 8'x 12' shed with 2"x 8" floor frame and gambrel style rafter truss 5' H with ceiling joist that will be overhanging the 8'wall plate 3' on each side. It will also have a 2"x 8" ridge beam and a 2"x4"x8'H stud wall with everything on 16" centers.

The question is what would the spacing of the trusses be? And how would you frame the gambrel end and how much can you overhang?



HI Bruce,

If you follow the link below, it will show you my gambrel workshop construction (to date) and may answer your questions. My overhang is 500mm, but, it does require support as you will see if you wade through the site.

Hope that helps.


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Gambrel roof angles

by Joe Ambs
(Towanda, Pa.)

I need the correct angles for an 8 foot wide gambrel roof.


Hi Joe,

This article shows you two different ways of setting out gambrel roof angles.

I hope you find this useful, let me know how you get on.


John - Admin

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