Easiest, but mainly cheapest cost wood framing technique for a shed.

by Bruce

I looked through this site fairly thoroughly. I did not find any framing advice and/or picture of a wall-roof framing technique where the wall 2x4 stud and 2x4 roof rafter are joined all-in-one piece (with a cleat put at each join), on 24" centers(and preferably no more than only 6 foot high wall studs with a minimum 3/12 roof pitch, and no flatter but can be steeper). The cleat can be the metal pound on type, or made with plywood cut to fit then glued and nailed, from either one or both sides of the join.

There is no top plate on the wall as the 2 wall studs and the 2 gable rafter pieces are all one piece.(Also there can be a collar tie put between the rafters.) When the all-in-one pieces are put up, the bottom of the studs are glued then toe-nailed, one nail from each side, on a pre installed bottom plate.

All the stud-rafter pieces have to be secured temporarily on the inside, while it is being built, with temporary 1x4 braces(the small 2" nail is not nailed in all the way so it can be removed later) so they do not fall over before the final permanent OSB or plywood, or strapping is put on the outside. When finished, then these inside braces are removed.

There is also no built eave-soffit overhang, but instead the metal sheet roofing material(and if you are using OSB or plywood roof material instead of 1x4 <3/4"x3 1/2" roof strapping which also can be used, can be overhung 2" to 4" also) is overhung about 2" past the wall and preferably a bit more past the gable sides, to shed water. The walls can also be sheeted with either OSB or plywood, or strapped with 1x4's(at 16" centers) before the wall metal sheeting is screwed on.

This is the easiest, but mainly the cheapest possible cost wood framing technique I can think of for a shed. I do hope you understand what I mean. I do wish I had a picture to show you.

Do anyone have any feedback on this, or other cheaper cost effective techniques for sheds?

Thank you.


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My framing system
by: Lindsay Richards

I am building my shed (hopefully my last) and am doing my framing utilizing my own method. It is going real well, but taking a long time as I can only work for short periods and then have to rest. I believe in overbuilding when doing something for myself. I put in a lot of wood to be sturdy. I also used a lot of metal strapping (hurricane straps) as they are cheap insurance. You can look at the shed at the following link.


My two story shed for my daughter is at


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