Concrete panel shed

by Jon Walton

Hi John, I hope that you can help me with my current project. I have acquired a dismantled used 8 x 12 ft concrete panel shed, 3" x 2 ft wide panels. 1" slopes on top of side panels. The roof slopes from higher 6ft6" back to lower 6ft front.

There is an existing fixed position concrete slab to place it on.

I need the shed to be minimum 6-8 inches higher all around.

Is it a good thing to cast/form a 4" wide x 8" high plinth on top of the slab where the panels will stand?

Will a standard 5 aggregate mix to 1 cement be adequate?


Answer from Potter Shed

Hi Jon,
Thanks for your question. Without a picture of exactly what you are doing it is difficult to comment in detail but here are a few pointers.

Lifting the shed up by a few inches should not present too many problems.

I would have thought the best way to lift the shed up a bit would be using brickwork or blockwork. Building a dwarf wall to the height that you need would only be a couple of courses of brick or a single course of concrete blocks. I would build this wall to be 9” thick so that it forms a plinth course.

You could form a fillet of mortar on the top edge to help shed the rain. If you really want to go to town you could buy shaped bricks or cut the corner of the brick at 45 degrees to form a chamfer.

When it comes to the door you will, of course, need a new door as the existing door will be 6-9” too short.

I hope that this helps and send me a picture when you are done.

Kind regards

Potter ;o)

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