Building on a slope

by Wayne
(Jackson, MS, USA)

I am building a 10x12 shed and it is on a slope. The plans call for the floor to sit on three 4x4s. I was thinking of leveling it by using 12x12 concrete block with one on the high end of the slope to get it off the ground and the other end on blocks to level. I started the process and realized that the low end would need three of the blocks to get to level.

Thought about stacking the blocks with the first block at least half buried with gravel in the hole as a base then driving a 4ft post through the blocks and then pouring cement to fill the voids in the three blocks. I was not going to use mortar between the blocks at first since I did not realize I would have to use three. I was just going to use some F26 between a couple.

When I thought it was just going to need a couple of blocks I was not concerned, but when I saw those three blocks stacked up it got me a little worried.

After getting started I am rethinking this because I am worried about the shed falling over if I roll my big mower up in it or if my son runs into it with the mower. I don't want to think about what it would take to get it back off the ground if that happened!

Just wondering your what your thoughts would be on this.

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Make the supports square
by: John

Hi Wayne,

A agree with your thoughts regarding those block piers. I think that if I was you I would have two blocks side by side, in alternating directions for each course and also bed them in mortar. That way it will be a lot more robust and should withstand most of the sort of impacts that you could expect in a garden.

All of the best


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