Building a shed without instructions

(Melbourne, AUST)

I have a 6m x 4m shed with no instructions and some diagrams. The company I bought it from are no longer in business. I have put up 2 thirds of the frame. I have an aluminium window and am not sure how it fits. The window will be proud of the mullions in order for the siding to be level with the window face. In other words, the window would currently sit 10 mm forward of the mullions in the air.

How does it fit?

I am assuming that I need some angle iron or the like to attach to the mullions and then screw the window to them level with where the siding will then finish?

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Window seating
by: T Baber

I guess there must be a gap around the window frame for you to be thinking of using angle iron. If there was more than just a few millmetres wood would be a natural choice, but it sounds as though
you can see only that so angle iron springs to mind.

I remember reading somewhere that when dissimilar metals touch, there is a sort of electrical process that can kick in causing depletion of the less noble metal.(over time) it is best to choose identical metals, aluminium frame, aluminium surround...(if not wood). I forget the name of the process irritatingly, and even more annoyingly the price of new aluminium is frightening...I have just solved the same protruding (or receding) frame problem cheaply with uPvc and lots of mastic over some uPvc trim, but that is a bodge really.

By the way, two obsessions of mine with windows, use an adhesive coated and bronze tinted plastic film on your windows, and have a solar shield sticking out about 10 inches above the window. Thermal and solar comfort, and privacy, is the reward!
Ah! the word is something to do with electrolysis, and if you ignore it now, it could spoil your shed in a few years, somewhere is a chart showing what goes with what and what is the worst choice of metals to mix...surface area and fixings even.

Good luck in designing out trouble using science!

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