Bespoke Metal Shed

by Mr Shane

Good morning, re: Metal sheds - A few years ago I built a metal shed. I had a frame in metal made it cost me about $1500.00. Just like a house frame but in steel.
I then clad it etc. I also added some angle to the bottom to prevent vermin which I really hate.

I also had some infill it was about $10.00 a metre for the really good stuff, smelt a bit like WD40 I have seen cheaper but I just wanted the best.

So in summary building a shed this way is more expensive but I also lined it with insulation.

In my view building a shed this way is another option from the regular.

It was also on a concrete slab.

Well worth the effort I think.

Hi Shane,

Thanks for your post. I agree with you, spending a bit more to make a better shed that does exactly what you want. It might cost a bit more at the beginning but over the long run, I bet that you are much happier with it as well.

You have got my curiosity going with this.

What sort of steel sections did you use? I bet they were stronger than the normal thin metal that you get on the metal sheds that you buy at a chain store.

Did you build it yourself? What do you use the shed for and how big was it? It would also be great to see some pictures.


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