Bespoke garden shed - For Sale

I built this bespoke garden shed as a demonstration build for the Haynes Shed Manual

I used very good quality materials of a thickness that you just don't come across on commercial sheds. I'll give you details of a few of the materials below. But full details of the build are on pages 73-107 of the manual.

The shed is currently for sale so do not hesitate to contact me using the link at the bottom of this page if you are interested.

bespoke shed Shed when almost complete in September 2018

bespoke shed Shed in March 2019


The main timbers for the floor, walls and roof are rough sawn 4x2 red pine (reclaimed roof rafters from quality homes built in the 1950s).

bespoke shed The closeness of the growth rings in the timber used (the section on the left) is typical of older slow grown timber

The floor frame is supported on four screw jacks. These are optional but do allow for sloping/uneven ground and keep the floor timbers dry and will keep any foundation work simple and straightforward. The floor is made from 18mm formply.

bespoke shed The four large diameter screw jacks allow the shed base to accomodate uneven ground and also allow good air flow beneath the shed to keep the timber dry.

Roof design and construction

The roof is a hipped design, it was initially constructed on the ground as separate element

bespoke shed Skeleton of hipped roof prior to installation on the shed walls

Hand split sweet chestnut shingles were used for the roof. The shingles start of quite a yellow colour but quickly weather to a silver grey. The shingles are fixed with stainless steel nails.

bespoke shed Shingles on the roof shortly after installation

bespoke shed Shingles weathered to silver grey after 6 months

Bespoke garden shed cladding

The cladding is Douglas fir weather board, this has been scorched with a roofers torch and then treated with boiled linseed oil. The process is known as 'Shou Sugi Ban' and is supposed to give additional fire and weather resistance to the timber. Not sure about this but as you can see it has weathered nicely.

bespoke shed Trial sections of i)Untreated ii)scorched, wire brushed and oiled iii) Scorched and oiled douglas fir cladding

Windows and door

The shed has two fixed, double glazed windows at the front and a ledged and braced timber door, made of sweet chestnut with wooden latch

bespoke shed Wooden sweet chestnut timber door latch

bespoke shed External metal hinges

The base price for the shed is £2500

I can make any alterations or additions that you need to the shed before it leaves the workshop. This could include: insulation, additional windows etc.

bespoke shed View inside of shed, ready to fitted out (additional windows, insulation etc) to customer requirements

Delivery and installation costs can be advised dependent on how far you are from our premises near Wadhurst, East Sussex.

It is probably best to Contact Me first through my contact page. I am out in the workshop or on site much of the time and I can return your email or call you when I return in the evening.

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