Bespoke Garden Shed: Custom Garden Sheds for the Connoisseur

A Bespoke Garden Shed is a custom-designed, custom built garden shed. For gardeners who love nothing more than spending the day outside, or wood-workers who want a planing paradise, a bespoke garden shed is the most fun, and most luxurious option. This type of shed is also perfect for homeowners who would prefer not to have something resembling a tiny barn in their garden.

Custom sheds can be fun and functional! Also, because building a garden shed does not require as many materials or as much paperwork as building an extension to your house, you can exercise maximum creativity! Consider using an airplane part, or a boat. Construct a shed from surfboards or old fences. When building a bespoke garden shed, your imagination can run wild.

How to Build a Brilliant Bespoke Shed

  • Start off by jotting down your ideas. Collect pictures of other interesting sheds , or anything that inspires you.

  • Decide your end-use for the shed. The end use will make a difference in how it is designed and what features are included.

  • Consider several possible locations within the garden. When building a one-off, custom-built shed, you will want to place it in the best possible location. Take a while before deciding on THE spot.

  • Remain open to new ideas-half the fun of creating a custom garden shed is the creative process.

  • Select a budget range, but do not stick too rigidly to it. Unlike house extension projects sheds are often relatively low cost, therefore a bit of cost overrun for special windows or a custom roof finish can make the shed truly individual.

Benefits of a Custom Built Shed

Custom garden sheds are beneficial in terms of functionality and aesthetics. If you have an oddly shaped garden, or no easy access to import a pre-fab shed, a custom built shed puts extra storage space, constructed to fit your available space, at your fingertips. The custom garden shed will be built to your exact specifications and constructed on-site.

A custom shed can be built exactly as you specify with space for anything you might need to store: a prize-winning collection of antique bicycles, a climate-controlled storage spot for family heirlooms that won’t fit in the house, or a library to house your overflow of books. Each is within reach with a custom shed designer.

Custom sheds are fun as well as functional. If you search for garden sheds online, most of the pictures you find are of sheds that look like barns. Custom sheds can include anything you want or need. They can match your house, or your garden, or neither. (Unless your house is constructed out of airplane parts, your shed made of airplane parts will not match, but it will be interesting!)

Bespoke Sheds for Children

Children love spaces constructed just for them--small doors, small windows, small furniture and everything just the right size. A perfect way to build a play-space for imaginative interludes is to build a house in the garden. Because small houses for children are the size of garden sheds, a custom garden shed designer is just the person to engage for the project. The designer can help you integrate small details just for your child.

Whether you are passionate about woodworking, or long for a library lounge away from the hustle and bustle of the house, a bespoke shed could be the right option for you.

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