11 Shed Roof Safety Tips

I made this section on shed roof safety to remind you of some important points to bear in mind when completing this important part of your project. Working at height is a major source of accidents in the construction industry and it is no different when working on your project at home. Things that we do everyday at ground level are more difficult when working on a ladder or on a roof and the consequences can be much more serious Holding on to a ladder with one hand and reaching out to nail that last shingle when you are tired is just the time when an accident could happen.

I made this list of safety tips for you to read before you take the first step onto the ladder, it is as comprehensive as I could make it but each job is different so remember to make your own risk assessment before you start work

  • Always wear rubber-soled shoes that have sufficient traction on the soles.

  • Be aware of any power lines that may be in the vicinity.

  • When working on a ladder, try to achieve three points of contact whenever possible.

  • If you need to get tools or supplies onto the rooftop, consider how you will get them up and down safely. Be prepared to ask someone to assist you.

  • Be careful that anything placed on the roof cannot fall off and hurt someone. If there is no way to completely and safely secure material that is resting on the roof, then make sure that the ground area is cleared of all other workers, friends, and family.

  • Take frequent breaks. Avoid spending long periods of time on the ladder. You can get stiff or tired and the risk of falling or injuring yourself may increase.

  • Get down off of the roof or ladder before you engage in activities that will divert your attention. Use your common sense. Do not talk on your cell phone, eat, drink, or chat unnecessarily while you are on the rooftop or ladder.

  • If it is windy or rainy, delay the project. Working at height with wet ladder steps and on slick surfaces invites unnecessary danger.

  • Even after the rain stops, avoid working on roofing projects. The ground may be muddy or saturated, and wet ground conditions can lead to the ladder slipping or sinking.

  • If you have balance problems or health risks, such as seizures or fainting spells, that increase the dangers of working at height, contact a friend or a professional to complete this part of your project.

  • Plan for an emergency. Have someone working with you or working within earshot. Ask someone to regularly check on you. Keep a cell phone easily accessible in your tool belt.

I hope you have found this list useful, if you have any tips on shed roof safety please let me know here and I will include them.

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