A Shed Loft - The Advantages

A shed loft can add a whole new dimension to your new garden building, they can allow you to store things more neatly and out of sight. You must resist the temptation however to use it as a dumping ground for items that will just continue to take up space when they should be disposed of! If you do this you will find your shed loft has many advantages over traditional non-lofted shed designs. You can easily store lighter weight seasonal items in the loft while you make sure your lawn equipment, bicycles and tools are safely stored below.

Interesting ideas for your shed loft

How are you planning to use the shed you are about to put on your property? Is it a playhouse for your children, a place for them to get away during inclement weather that still allows them to be out of the house? Is it a garden office where you create stories, music, or run your business from? Is it actually a storage shed for all of your outdoor tools and equipment? However you plan on using your garden shed, giving it a loft offers some interesting options along with it.

As a playroom for children, you may want to consider not allowing the loft part of the shed to be accessible to them unless they are about eight years old. Any younger than that and there is a worry of them getting injured by falling through the loft hatch or off the ladder. Even if you have young children you could still use a playroom shed which had a loft as storage space for your children's toys.

A snooze space?

For example, you use your shed for an office, your personal place to get away from the hustle and bustle inside your house. It's quiet, peaceful, and perfect for those long afternoons of productivity. But sometimes you just need to stop working for a little while and rest. It's pouring buckets outside and your umbrella is in the house. If you had a shed loft, you could h ave it set up with a small bed for a place to take an afternoon nap while listening to the steady rain on the roof above you. All you need to access it is a safe drop down ladder or ladder attached to the wall by the loft hatch. Then you can just take a climb up the ladder when you feel the need for that 'Power Nap'!

What to think about during planning

If you do not want the loft space of your shed to be a dumping ground for junk, place the loft hatch centrally in such a way that you can access both sides of the loft and utilize all the space and not just the part right in front. You also want to make sure that it is strong enough to support the items you put up in the loft. It has to be able to hold the weight of whatever you plan for it - boxes of toys, Christmas decorations or a bed with a full grown person! Otherwise, you could get too much weight in areas and wind up walking into the shed one day to find the items that were once upstairs are now downstairs with part of the ceiling.

Additionally, do you want the loft to run the whole length of the shed or just part of the shed? If you only need it for storing a limited number of items and will not be using it as a place to take an afternoon nap or additional play area, you may want to consider limiting the loft to only half the shed. This will save you money on construction material and make access easier. Another thought is if you have a shed that is constructed like a beach hut with a overhang at the front that gives you a covered porch type look, you can use the area above your porch as a loft for storage and leave everything else open and airy. There is no limit as to how you construct a loft for storage or other uses when you construct your shed.

Plus, decide on what type of lighting you will need in the loft. You could go with anything from a solar shed light, to a battery LED, to running a light off the main power from the house. The last option is easy if your shed is already on the main power grid. No matter how you do it though, make sure your loft has ample lighting in it to make the most useful.

Construction considerations

Finally, you have decided what you want your shed to look like, you will have to determine whether or not you will be able to add a loft to it based on the planning rules in the city you live in.

The best type of sheds for creating a spacious shed loft is the gambrel shed, the dual pitch of each roof side makes for lots of internal space. For a normal duo pitch roof the pitch should be at least 8/12 to create a useable amount of room.

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