National Shed Week Just Keeps Getting Better

The first National Shed Week was started in 2007 by Uncle Wilco (Andrew Wilcox) a shed fan from South Wales. Legend has it that he wrote to 10 Downing street suggesting that it be made a national event, in one of the world's greatest faux pas they turned him down. Not being one to take no for an answer Uncle Wilco pressed ahead and started the event anyway to great success. Each year in July the UK papers are full of speculation and comment as to who will be this years winner.

Before we go into a bit more detail a word or two from Uncle Wilco:

Uncle Wilco

Shed Week 2013 will be it's 7th year and there will be a wonderful collection of unique and inspiring garden buildings for entry into Shed of the Year competition.

From normal Garden sheds, TARDIS, Pub Sheds and Workshops, some offthe shelf but a lot of them hand built, with hours of painstaking workfor the sheddie.

We have a new category this year called Eco-sheds and would love to see more .

We will be having a special competition for International Shed of theYear, where the best of our US, Canadian, Australian and elsewherewill pit themselves Cabin against barn against shed to win the coveted title.

We hope the budding sheddies that visit Secrets of Shed Building will put the skills they have learned here to good use and Share their Sheds

You can view the entries so far or add your own via the website

Uncle Wilco

These are the judges that Uncle Wilco has assembled for this years competition:

  • Uncle Wilco of course!

  • Sarah Beaney - The longest serving judge and probably the sharpest and most astute commentator on property development on UK prime time TV.

  • Alex Johnson - Chief Blogger at the daily updated blog - Shedworking.

  • John Plumbridge - Winner of last years competition

So as you can see there will be some well known and experienced faces there.

Let's have a look at the previous winners sheds

roman temple shedThe first winner in 2007 was Tony with his Roman Temple shed
pub shedThe following year in 2008 the winner was Tims pub shed.
pub shedThe winner in 2009 was Steven Harwood's Kite Cabin in West Wales.
pub shedThe winner in 2010 was the Pirate themed, Lady Sarah out of Worthing created by Reg Miller.
workshop shedThe winner in 2011 was 'Songs from the shed' owned by John Earl from Clevedon in Somerset. John's shed is full of unusual objects and he has recorded over 1,000 sessions with a huge variety of bands in the shed.
workshop shedAnother pub shed won the prize in 2012. This heart shaped shed at the heart of John (Henry) Plumridge' garden in Shrewsbury, Shropshire has a collection of over 500 bottled real ales and 110 different ciders. The shed has evolved from a pergola to a gazebo and now it is just a great venue for parties.

National Shed week 2013 - Are You Going To Enter Your Shed?

Building your own shed is a big investment of time and energy and what better place to show your work off to the world when you are done?

If you are keen on entering the competition the requirements for entry are very simple just two photos, one of the outside and one of the inside of your shed.

There are seven classes (Normal, Eco-shed, Garden Office, Cabin/Summerhouse, Workshop/Studio, Pub ,Tardis and Unique) entry is free and open to sheddies anywhere in the world.

You can enter your shed for National Shed Week 2013 NOW.

However there are a few cut off dates to take note of in the lead up to shed week, Uncle Wilco will announce these nearer the time in early 2013.

  • Closing date of for Shed of the year - 3rd May 2013

    Add your shed NOW

  • National Shed Week and winner announced - 1-7 July

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