How To Give Your Bicycle Storage Shed The Frozen Pea Factor

They are a lovely colour.

They need absolutely no preparation.

I think that they taste great. The kids like them too! (so no arguments there ;-))

But the best thing about frozen peas is that they are ready in about four minutes flat. Just get them out of the freezer stick them in a pan of boiling water and you are just about done. Adding a knob of butter to the cooked peas does add a bit extra to the presentation and taste too.

If you are building a bicycle storage shed you need to make it like those frozen peas

To make your bicycle storage shed like frozen peas you need to make it as convenient to use as possible. Whether you cycle just to get around, for fitness or as a racing fanatic having the bike and any kit that you need easily to hand is one way to get out more often, and increase your enjoyment of cycling.

If you have to traipse half way up the garden, fight to get the shed door open and then pull your bike out from under a load of other junk it might just be easier to take the car. So make convenience the main factor in siting your new bike shed.

What are the main factors in building a new bike shed

The first factor should be that there is enough space to fit your bike and anyone else who uses a bike in your household. A typical bike is six feet (1.8 metres) long and you should allow a width of about two feet six inches (0.75 metres) per bike across the handlebars. However by alternating the way that the bikes face, you can fit three bikes into a storage unit about three feet (0.95 metres) in width and six feet (1.8 metres) long on plan.

The location of the door is critical to being able to get the bikes in and out easily.

The size of the shed will affect the location

And location is one of the principal factors governing convenience. A small bicycle storage shed located close to the rear of the house with bikes that are easy to remove will make your cycling a lot easier than having to go to the other end of the garden to retrieve your bike.

It is often a lot more difficult to find a convenient location for a large shed close to the house. So having separate locations for storage and maintenance may be a way forward.

The number of bikes you need ready access to is one factor governing the size of the shed

Another factor governing size is whether you intend to do bike maintenance as well as store the bikes in the same building. If you need to store bikes as well as maintain them you will need a much bigger bicycle storage shed. It will likely increase the size of the shed from a small 6x3 feet (1.8 x 0.95 metres) to a much larger 8x8 feet (2.4x2.4 metres).

Depending on your situation you may want to set up your bicyle maintenance area in the garage, in another shed or just do minimal maintenance work outside when it is fine and let the bike shop do the rest.

Make sure the shed has sufficient storage for other paraphernalia too

The bike will be stored at ground level, make sure that the shed has higher level shelves or hooks for keeping things such as bike helmets, pumps, waterproofs and any other kit that may be needed. It all adds to the convenience.

The biggest inconvenience of all is having a bike stolen

You will know the levels of crime in your area. You will also know the value of your bike. Both of these factors will have an influence on how secure you make your bicycle storage shed. It may be enough that your bike is kept dry and out of sight in which case keeping it in a standard wooden shed is enough. You should check your home insurance policy to see if the shed and the bike itself need to be kept locked too.

If you have a high end bike or more than one bike you will consider security a much higher priority. A secure metal shed with security rated locks will be a necessity.

To summarise

The factors to consider for your new bicycle storage shed are:

  • Size - make it big enough to hold all the bikes that will be regularly used
  • Location - build it on a very convenient route out of the house
  • Function - Are you intending to do maintenance in this shed or somewhere else
  • Security - Check your insurance policy, there is a wide variation in the security of different bike sheds

Lastly - remember the frozen peas

Think convenience when you consider all of the above factors to make getting out on your bike as easy as cooking frozen peas.

No preparation required just do it!

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