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The all new....well sort of [Shed Building Monthly]
October 18, 2017

Shed Building Monthly

Issue 50 - October 2017

Hi <>,

You haven’t heard from me in a while. You are getting this email as some time ago you signed up for Shed Building Monthly. Shed Building monthly came out regularly for about 5 years from 2007 to 2013. However during 2013, life got in the way and unfortunately Shed Building Monthly was ‘de-prioritised’. The visitors kept coming, the questions kept coming in (I even managed to answer a few of them!).

Anyway, I have now found a bit of extra time to get Shed Building Monthly back to the regular, 1st of the month. – Every month. that it used to be.

I understand if you have moved on. Perhaps your shed project is finished or your interests have changed. No problem, at the bottom of this letter you can easily unsubscribe. Now or at any point you want. You can even re-subscribe later if you feel like it too!

So what is there in this issue? Well here in the Northern Hemisphere it is getting cooler and the topic of the moment is - How do you stay warm in your shed?

One way is to keep what little heat there is in the shed by insulation.

Alistair had built a shed as a workshop and for storing his car repair tools. But how to keep the chill off when working in there? Was the foil backed bubble wrap a shed supplier sold him going to do the job?

Find out more about the pros and cons of using foil backed bubble wrap insulation


A quick overview of the ways to stop the heat escaping from your shed over the coming months.

Lastly, readers have always enjoyed the stories of visitors projects. Successes and ‘learning experiences’ ;-).

A few are featured here.

If you have any questions, like Alistair, or would like to share your project get in touch.

Contact page

I look forward to keeping in contact slightly more regularly in the future.




Please forward this e-mail to your friends/family who may be interested in building a shed or even just great shed architecture!

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