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November 02, 2017

Shed Building Monthly

Issue 51 - November 2017


Welcome to the November edition of Shed Building Monthly.

As I build up momentum on the Newsletter front I have been re-visiting some of the older pages on the site and giving them a bit of an overhaul.

One page that surprised me this month was the page on Shed Roofing Materials. The page reviews eight different types of roof finishes that you could use to keep the inside of your shed dry. I didn’t even know there was that many before I started!

I then went on to look at the lifetime cost of each of the materials. The result surprised me. A relative newcomer to shed roofing material stood out in terms of whole life cost. This material was less than half the cost per year of it's nearest rival, as well as saving maintenance time and cost.

How I am going to keep the suspense going?.....oh go on then!

You can find out the cheapest material per year to keep your shed dry here.

Please let me know if I have missed out any shed roofing materials from the list. Or even if you have a particular favourite amongst those on the list?

Also if you have any questions on shed building feel free to contact me via email or the FAQ page.

See you next month.


PS. Please forward this e-mail to your friends/family who may be interested in building a shed or even just great shed architecture!

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