Wood or Metal Shed

by nektaria

I am just gathering info right now. Deciding whether to build a shed of wood or buy a metal shed. I've just read that a shed should have waterproof seams. Do metal sheds, ie. Arrow sheds, have waterproof seams? We need to store some furniture and lots of books and craft supplies.

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by: Anonymous

metal shed to get by--wood sheds for beauty and security

Leaking sheds
by: John - Admin

Hi Anonymous,
From your comment I can see that you have experienced some problems with your Arrow sheds. From my experience the main problem folk find with metal sheds are the large number of pieces and the time it takes to put them together, not that they leak excessively.

Could you send in some more details of your problem (either on this page or through my contact page) so that we can see what the problems is.

What steps have you taken to resolve this problem with Arrow or the merchant that sold you these sheds.

All the best


Titanic style sheds
by: Anonymous

No !!!
My two Arrow sheds leak like a sieve.
Even after;
weather stripping tape & waterproof foam sealant.

Advice ...
Rent Clean Dry storage,
if you truly value what your storing.

Waterproof metal sheds
by: John - Admin

Hi Nektaria,
I think that for any shed which has a single skin of wood or steel that you will find the seams described as 'weatherproof'. This not to say that they wont keep the water out, they will, however there is more to keeping thing such as books and household furniture in good condition than just keeping the rain off.

Any building with a thin single skin will have large variations in internal temperature and humidity. To regulate these some form of insulation will help to knock the peaks and troughs off the temperature changes. Also some form, of ventilation is needed to stop the air getting stale and promoting mildew. You may also find a de-humidifier a good way of keeping your valuables in good shape.

Also check another post on this board entitled Ronda for more help with this.

All the best.


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