Two Storey Shed

by Kerri

Hi, I am attempting to build an 8'x10' two storey shed which attaches to the side of my house for maximum storage.

Does anyone have any advice for me?

Thank You.


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Two Storey Shed - Really?!?
by: GreenBoy

This is possible to do as discussed in the previous post - however you should consider the local building regulations first.

Here in the UK you cannot build a shed closed than 5m to the house and no taller than 4m (approx 13ft)

4m is actually tall enough to have two storeys - especially if the upper is considered a storage loft - where you would not regularly access the items stored there, and therefore didn't need to stand upright and move around too much.

How you access this space is another issue - given you are looking to build a smallish shed (due to lack of ground space?) a ladder put up to a hatch would be best as opposed to a permanent solution.

Otherwise as stated - good foundations, and possibly a fire wall would seem the order of the day.

by: Shedguy

This seems like a joke But start of with a good foundation-gravel etc. A poured pad would put the project in a whole new perspective.Check with the building code Inspector first as fines and penalties are costly.A firewall may be in order here.What I picture is an older farm house in the country and you wanting to get good economic storage.send the pics when completed as we all would love to see them.

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