A Timber Garden Shed - Rustic and Charming

In my view timber garden sheds are the most imaginative and interesting. They can use rough-hewn timbers or smoother, finished timber. They can be built in any size or shape, and are easily customizable. Timber sheds naturally weather over time and become part of the garden itself.

Rustic Timber Sheds

Depending upon your local building codes, you may or may not be able to construct a timber garden shed made entirely from rough hewn timber. If building codes prevent construction of structural elements from rough hewn timber, the framework can be made from conventional wood, and the accents and details from rough hewn timber.

Sheds made from natural or rough timber look most at home in heavily wooded gardens. They blend in with the overall atmosphere. The look is achieved by using hand-peeled, natural log siding to finish the outside of the shed. Rough timber can have the bark left on or off. Rough timber is timber that is simply not finished into standard cuts of wood, but can still be smooth.

Wooden Garden Sheds

Because timber is the most customizable, malleable and replaceable material, it is ideal for garden sheds of every use. Timber sheds may be painted or stained, and heavily detailed or plain. If an element of the shed deteriorates over time, it can be easily replaced (which is not the case with plastic or metal sheds). In fact a few repairs can adds some 'character' to your shed.

Should you decide to re-paint your house or re-plant your garden, you can re-finish your timber garden shed so that it coordinates with the rest of the garden.

Timber sheds can be constructed to look like lighthouses, garden sheds, log cabins, miniature houses, horse stables, chicken coops and more. The possibilities are endless because timber may be cut, edged and shaped into an endless variety of details.

Natural Wood Details

One of the most aesthetically pleasing reasons to construct timber sheds is the beauty and natural variation found in wood. The wood grain and imperfections in natural wood can be highlighted as features of timber sheds. Timber harvested from a tree with many burls or knots provides many possibilities for accents over doors, around handles or windows. Timber sheds change in appearance over time, as the weather smoothes and fades the wood.

Basic Timber Garden Sheds

In addition to fanciful and detailed wooden garden sheds also make great basic, utilitarian additions to any garden. Timber sheds are affordable options for storage of machinery, gardening tools, recreation equipment and more. The variety of standard timber shed plans means that there is a plan that will suit every homeowner's need from beautiful to basic.

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